3 Quick Tips For Getting More Signups

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If you’ve been having trouble getting signups in your business, these quick tips may be able to help you out. There are some very easy things you can do that will have a big impact on your effectiveness and how many signups you get.

1) Reach Out

A very simple and quick way to drastically increase the number of signups you get on a regular basis is to just reach out to your leads. Don’t just rely on automatic followups to do everything for you.

Reaching out with a very quick phone call, text message, Facebook private message, etc is a great way to establish trust between you and your prospects in a very time efficient manner.

You don’t want to be explaining your business to anyone, just letting them know you are there and pointing them in the direction of the info they need to get their questions answered and get started.

2) Shoot Videos

Video is the best way for someone to get to know you and see what you have to offer without actually meeting you.

Shooting videos for the first time can be a scary thing, but remember you don’t have to become a YouTube superstar here.

There are creative ways you can use video to enhance your marketing efforts without having to take on a complete video based attraction marketing strategy where you have to create tons of videos and be super entertaining.

For the purpose of this post I’m not really talking about generating leads through video, but simply using it as a simple way to create instant trust between you and your prospects.


For example, you could shoot a quick video with your smart phone just introducing yourself, upload it to YouTube or Wistia, and then include it in the first email that goes out to your prospects when they optin to your sales funnel.

This is a great way to immediately connect with those people and establish a positive rapport with them on first contact.

You could also consider shooting an extended video in which you talk a little about your experience and what your prospects are about to see, then stick that on a page that they will see just before they get to your actual offer. This is called a bridge page.

3) Stay Organized

Lack of organization skills is something that will kill your business. As an entrepreneur, there’s no one there telling you how things should be done, where things should go, or in what order you should accomplish things.

This is something you absolutely need to take seriously because there’s only so much time in the day.

If you’re wasting most of it trying to find things you’ve lost, not knowing what your priorities are or what you should do next, and just generally being confused and inefficient, you’re going to find it very difficult to create any real success.

This is especially important when following up with prospects. You need to have an efficient way to stay on top of who needs to be contacted when and keep notes on everything.

Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program will be your best friend when it comes to staying organized. Invest in that software and I’d even recommend taking an online course to learn how to use it.


Hopefully these tips have been helpful to you. If so, feel free to share click one of the sharing buttons below and leave a comment if you have anything to add.

🙂 Shawn Smith