5 Books That Can Change Your Life

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Have you ever heard someone tell you that people don’t change, or that you can’t really change who you are and you’ll always fall back into your old patterns eventually?

This is a limiting belief that unfortunately keeps a lot of people from reaching their full potential in life. But in reality, it’s just not true.

Human beings are the only creatures on this planet who are actually able to choose who and what they want to be. Not only can we change… we must change, and we will change.

Think about it… are you the same person you were 10 years ago? Probably not.

We are changing everyday, little by little, whether we want to or not. The only real question is whether or not you will take an active part in the person you become… or just leave it up to chance.

The fastest way to become the person you want to be is to hang around other people who already have the life and character you want to have.

But unfortunately, we don’t all have access to those kinds of people on a daily basis… but we do have access to their ideas… the ideas that made them great.

That’s why successful people spend much of their precious free time absorbing the words that great minds have written… because one great idea can change your life.

The following 5 books are filled with great ideas, any one of which could be the spark that causes a paradigm shift in your life. I’ve ordered them according to my personal preference, #1 being my favorite.

5) Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

thnk-and-grow-rich-coverThis book has some great ideas about visualization and mind over matter type stuff. Everyone relates to different author’s differently and for me personally, I never really connected with Napoleon Hill’s ideas the way I have with some other books.

But I know many very successful people who swear by this book. That’s why I read it in the first place and I feel like a book that is endorsed by so many successful people should definitely be on your read list.

4) Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

rich-dad-coverThis book has some insightful ideas about what the true meaning of wealth really is. It explores the difference in mentality between the rich and the poor and how they view money and wealth differently.

The thoughts and goals of those who work for others is vastly different than the thoughts and goals of an entrepreneur. This book will help you see these differences more clearly and decide which you want to be.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is written in a very conversational manner that makes it easy to grasp its concepts.

3) The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

7-habits-cover“7 Habits” is a book about principles. It lays down, in a very relevant and personal manner, a formula for living a more effective life.

These principles in this book are applicable and grounded in reality. It goes beyond mere mindset training and exercises in positive affirmation, to give the reader an honest examination of what it means to be a person of decency and character.

Like all the great books of it’s kind, the true value of 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People is in its ability to reveal things about yourself you didn’t know were there, both good and bad, and offer you ideas of what to do about it.

2) Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

mans-search-coverThis is a book written by a Jewish psychiatrist who survived the holocaust. It centers on man’s universal need to ascribe meaning to our lives, and how, even in the most horrific conditions of human suffering, man can still find meaning in unexpected ways.

The depth of insight this book contains is astounding. Viktor Frankl was a brilliant man, and you can see it in the density of his writing (this is actually quite a short book, but it took me longer to finish it than most books twice its size).

But what’s most endearing about this book is that, although a man of extreme intelligence, Frankl often speaks from the heart and doesn’t talk down to his audience.

This is not a work that was intended to make Frankl famous or wealthy… in fact he originally intended on publishing it anonymously. This book was written because Frankl genuinely thought these ideas could help people who needed them, and he was right.

1) How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

win-friends-cover“How To Win Friends” was originally published in 1936. Nearly a century later, the timeless principles laid out in its pages still stand as an authority on the art of handling people and relationships.

Of all the books I’ve read, for me personally, this one seems to have the most relevant, useful ideas that can be applied to everyday life with obvious and immediate results, especially in business.

If you can master these principles, they really can make you a millionaire. If you’ve ever bought any copy writing courses, much of the sales psychology taught in that course was likely taken from this book.

This is not the kind of book to read once and put it back on the shelf. If you really apply yourself and study this book, you can learn principles that can be applied to your life and business right now that will dramatically change your results.

So that concludes this list of the top 5 life changing books I’ve read.

What do you think? What books do you like that should have made the list?

I’m always on the lookout for new books to read so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.


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  • Murali nair

    Please send me How to Sell Yourself by joe girard

    Thank you

    • Hi Murali, you can purchase this and most any book from for a few bucks. Or get it from Half Price Books for $0.99. Thanks for the comment.

      • Amick4

        Good reference. Don’t forget half price books!

  • The Master Key System by Charles Haanel is more detailed than Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. It especially explains the details in making a mastermind work that Hill almost glosses over. The other book in the same vein is The Success System That Never Fails by William Clement Stone. You will find both books at no cost that work in a Kindle. There are others and usually I am reading three different ones at one time. You watch more than one TV show a week right.

    • Hey Michael, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll have to check those out sometime. 🙂

  • scott moore

    I have read the Robert Kiyosaki book…I need to read the other ones…Right now I am reading “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard…Another one I liked alot lately was “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson…Reading and studying these ideas is important

    • Hey Scott, thanks for the recommendations. I just bought “The Slight Edge” but haven’t started it yet. I just started Psycho Cybernetics, which seems pretty good so far.