Get More Sales With This Simple 5 Step Copywriting Formula

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There are few skills that will improve the success of your business as drastically as copywriting.

In a nut shell, good copywriting is basically just knowing who your target market is, what they really want, and presenting your offer in a way that makes it easy for them to see why yours is the solution they’ve been looking for.

Here’s an easy 5 step process that can help you start writing copy that sells…

1) Identify Your Target Market

This is really the most important step because it acts as a compass for the rest of the process. You need to be as clear and specific as possible about who your ideal customer is.

What do they want? What do they fear? What’s a typical day in their life look like? Do they view the world and make decisions in a certain way?

The more questions like this you can answer, the better. Once you start to get a clear image of who your ideal customer is, you’ll have a much easier time writing things that will appeal specifically to that person.

Some ways you can do this is to interview your existing customers. Find out why they chose to buy from you. What did they like or dislike about their buying experience with you?

You can also run surveys to get some data that may indicate patterns that will help you determine what your target market wants and responds to.

Another way to get inside the minds of your prospects is to examine your own desires, fears, etc. In many cases, especially with network marketing, YOU probably are your target market.

2) Why Should I Care?

Whenever you’re creating ads or making any kind of content that is intended to persuade someone to do something, you should be asking yourself this question…

Why should I care? What does what I just read do for me? How is this going to solve my problem?

This is the exact question your prospects are going to be asking themselves. If they can’t answer this question immediately in the first sentence, you’re going to lose the sale.

The fact is, no one really cares about your business, or product, or sales funnel, or whatever it is you’re promoting. No one cares how much time you’ve put into it or how much it means to you. They ONLY care about how you’re offer can benefit them, so you need to make it crystal clear right out of the gate.

3) Lead With Benefits & Substantiate With Features

A feature is a positive aspect of your offer (debt free company). A benefit on the other hand is what that feature actually GIVES you (the confidence and peace of mind of knowing you’re partnering with a financially solvent company).

Whenever you have something you want your prospects to know about your offer, try to frame it as a benefit, not a feature.

I spend a lot of time re-writing content for this purpose. Listing features always seems to come more naturally. You have something good about your offer you want to highlight, so you just write it out.

It takes a little more creativity and patience to go beneath the surface and ask yourself “what problem does this feature actually solve?” and then write it out in a way that allows your prospect to visualize themselves solving that problem.

4) Problem – Agitation – Solution

This is a great time-tested and proven template for writing effective sales copy.

There are 3 basic steps to this process:

1) Identify the problem that your prospect has that is to be solved. Spell out the problem for them. Maybe they already know they have this problem, maybe they don’t, but your sales letter will make it clear that they DO have this problem and they need a solution.

2) Agitate the problem. Stir up an emotional response so that your prospect feels like they need to get a solution to this problem ASAP. Use stories and vivid case study examples so they can really visualize why this problem needs to be solved.

3) Present your offer as the solution they are looking for. If you’ve done a good job of defining and agitating the problem, they should already be ready for a solution, now you just need to prove to them that your offer is THE solution they need. This is where things like social proof help a lot to establish credibility.

5) Study Copywriting

Copywriting is just like any other skill, you have to study it and practice to get good. If you’re serious about making real money in your business, I suggest making the study of copywriting a priority. Pretty much every area of your business can be improved in some way by improving your copywriting skills.

Here are some resources to help you:

The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy

The Irresistible Offer by Mark Joyner

Unbounce Blog for free copywriting and conversion tips

Stansberry Research – Mike Dillard recommends reading the sales copy on this website and writing it out yourself to get a feel for what writing high converting copy feels like. The copywriters who work for this company are some of the highest paid in the world.

Hopefully this post has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Also, if you have a second, click one of those sharing buttons below to share this post with someone else.

🙂 Shawn Smith