5 Tips For Tackling Technical Overwhelm

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The internet is awesome. It’s made it possible for entire multi-billion dollar industries to spring up seemingly overnight. It’s connected the world together in a way previously thought to be impossible.

And more relevant to us, it’s made it possible for a normal person with limited resources to actually be able to create a 6-figure income… and to do it without ever leaving their home.

Yep, the internet is pretty amazing… but with all that power and possibility comes a learning curve that can be difficult to tackle for those of us who haven’t grown up in the age of smartphones.

Everybody wants to make money online, who wouldn’t? But to actually do it, you’ll have to conquer the learning curve.

Thankfully, it isn’t as daunting as you might think. Here are 5 tips to help you tackle that learning curve and remove any obstacle standing between you and a 6-figure income from the comfort of your home.

1) Identify Your Most Important Activities

In the world of internet marketing, there are just some things that are worth your time, and some that aren’t… and it pays to know the difference.

Before you start going through training or looking up how to do this or build that on Google, identify what you’re actually trying to accomplish.

I see this happen all the time. Someone will get started and they’ll come across some training somewhere that tells them they need to learn how to do XYZ internet strategy.

They’re excited, so they jump right in with both feet. Before they know it they’re neck deep in technical jargon, trying to setup some banner, or website, or whatever… something they shouldn’t even be looking at in the first place for their skill level.


Set a direction before you start moving. What are you trying to accomplish? Most likely you’re trying to get sales for whatever you’re promoting. To get sales, you need leads. To get leads you need to make new connections with new people on a regular basis. You need to followup with people. You need to build relationships.

This is where your focus needs to be. So if you find yourself headed in the wrong direction, trying to set something up when you don’t even know why or how that thing is going to fit into your marketing strategy, turn around… because you’re headed for technical overwhelm.

2) Segment Your Day

One of the most powerful habits you can adapt is time blocking. Set a schedule of time blocks for your most important activities and then stick to that schedule. If you find it difficult to stick to a schedule, you may need to rearrange your priorities and have a discussion with the people in your life about what those priorities are.

You have to see your business as a priority, or you won’t ever be able to make time for it. There will ALWAYS be something else that needs your attention, especially if you have a family to take care of.

Time blocking is about rearranging your life in a purposeful way to accomplish something of value, and everyone affected should be involved in the design.

3) Work Your Business Like A Job

I recently heard a training by Eric Worre of In that training he said something I’d never heard before.

We hear people say all the time that we need to build our business like a business, not like a hobby, to be successful. But Eric said something different. He said we should build our business like a job, which makes a lot more sense.

When you think about it, most of us don’t have any experience running our own business. So what does “build it like a business” even mean? We usually conjure up ideas of taking ownership of our results, or working more hours, or taking it seriously, etc. All very vague and not very helpful.

But “build your business like a job”, that makes sense. When you have a job, you show up every day, not just when you feel like it. If you don’t, you get fired.

Every day you have a set schedule. You start at the same time, you end at the same time. You don’t stop early because you’re not feeling well that day, you don’t take breaks every 10 minutes to get snacks, you don’t get distracted with other things, or watch tv, etc.


You’re expected to show up each day ready to work, and you’re expected to put in a full day’s work each day.

This is exactly how you need to approach your business to get results. If you’re consistent, there will come a time when you don’t have to work so hard, when your business works on its own and you reap the rewards.

But in the beginning, work it like a job.

4) Pay Attention To What You Are Doing

I can’t stress this enough, when working with computers… pay attention to what you are doing.

Even complicated processes become very simple when you simply slow down, read the instructions word for word, and do what it says to do.

Often times those who are new to computers feel intimidated by them, so they will click things without reading what they’re clicking because they just want to get rid of whatever’s on the screen.

Do this a few times and before you know it you’ve messed something up or gotten lost and you have no idea what happened.


Cyber criminals especially prey on this tendency. They send links in emails or trigger popups on your computer. The unwary user just clicks on them without thinking and BAM, you just got infected with who knows what.

Always take time to think before you click on anything. If implementing a new marketing strategy, read everything and pay attention to everything you do.

Even if you mess something up at some point, it’s usually pretty easy to figure out what went wrong when you’re paying attention. You know that when you clicked this or pasted that, that’s when the problem occurred.

But if you’re just clicking all over the place, halfway knowing what’s going on, vaguely following instructions, then when something goes wrong you have no idea how to fix it. Then you get overwhelmed and decide this stuff is too complicated.

Don’t let this happen to you. Just slow down, and pay attention.

5) Leverage The Right Tools

Don’t re-invent the wheel. There will always be some things you need to figure out how to do yourself, but you don’t have to figure out everything. Figure out the things that will pay you, and use systems and tools to take care of the rest.

We have a page on this blog with all the most useful free tools we use on a regular basis that you can find by clicking here.

But those are just simple tools that all have a specific purpose. You also want to utilize full systems.

If you join the right team with whatever program you may be promoting, they should have systems in place for you to market with. There’s a lot to internet marketing, and you don’t want to get stuck trying to figure out how to create pages and write sales copy when you’re just starting out.

Get a good system that already has all that stuff done for you so you can focus on learning how to market, and make connections, and all the other important stuff that only you can do.

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