5 Tips To Create Momentum In Your Business

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There’s a pattern that some people follow when they start a home business for the first time. They’re a little reluctant and a little skeptical, but they want to believe it’s possible so they sign up and just kind wait and see what happens.

The problem with this thinking is that it hobbles your business before it ever has a chance to get out of the gate. The wait and see approach doesn’t work because the only way anything is going to happen is if you make it happen.

There are certain things you need to do if you want your business to grow, and grow fast. Here are 5 tips to creating momentum in your business.

1) Get Started Right Away

First, you should begin doing the things that can make you money right away. If there’s training to go through, go through it, but don’t get stuck doing non productive things. Getting started quickly and prospecting, advertising, making new connections, and doing all those things that will bring you results is about getting your mind into productivity mode.


As soon as you’ve made a decision to start building your business… start building it. The longer you wait around to do anything, the lazier your mind will get and the more your resolve will wear off. If you sign up and do nothing for 7 days, you may start to wonder if it’s worth ever getting started at all and just give up before ever making a single effort at succeeding.

2) Keep Moving

Once you get in motion and start purposefully building your business, keep moving. Keeping yourself in a state of focused activity will prevent you from backsliding. If you just keep moving and don’t give yourself any time to worry and doubt or get lazy, you’ll find that you can get a lot more done in a lot less time than you probably realize.

3) Blitz

You’ve probably heard this analogy but it’s true, so here it is again… Building your business is like a rocket taking off into outer space. Most of your fuel is used up in the takeoff. A massive amount of energy is required to get it off the ground, but once it takes off and finally exits the atmosphere it becomes easy.


That’s why blitzing in the beginning is so important. You have to be willing to put in that hard work in the beginning to get your business off the ground. You won’t have to work that hard forever, but if you’re willing to make that sacrifice for a little while in the beginning, you can create the momentum to launch your business that will make success so much easier to achieve.

4) Keep Your Foot On The Gas

A very common mistake is to take your foot off the gas too early. Once you start to see some results and things get a little more comfortable, there’s a tremendous temptation to ease off a little, take a break and enjoy the results you’ve created.

This will kill your business. The results you have now are a product of what you did earlier. And what you do right now is what will determine your results later. So if you let off the gas too early, there won’t be enough momentum to sustain your business and it will all come crashing down.

5) Declutter Your Life

If you really look, you’ll probably find that there’s a lot of stuff in your life that wants to pull you in different directions and distract you from your goals. Even the tiniest time thieves that seem so insignificant, like checking FaceBook, can put a massive dent in your productivity.

Because it’s not just time they steal from you, it’s focus. Even if it’s just a 5 minute distraction you indulge in, that tiny distraction then disrupts your focus and causes you to be less productive when you are working.

What disrupts your focus will be different for everyone. Maybe for you a little tv helps clear your mind so you can be more engaged later. Only you can determine those things that seem to break your focus and eat away at your ability to produce meaningful results in your life and business. But once you identify them, whether or not you choose to avoid them will have a huge impact on the results you get toward achieving your goals.


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🙂 Shawn Smith