6 Things You Must Do To Earn 6-Figures In A Home Business

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Earning a 6-figure income in a home business isn’t easy. It takes hard work and dedication. That being said, I can’t think of a faster way to a 6-figure income, other than winning the lottery or being Mark Zuckerberg.

The challenge is being smart with your time and putting the right effort into the right things.

Here are 6 things you must do to earn a 6-figure income from home…

1) Schedule Time To Build Your Business

You can’t build something valuable without a plan. Your business needs consistent nurturing to grow. Putting in a few minutes here or there without any real direction won’t cut it.

Schedule regular time to build your business, however much you can spare. And when it’s time for your scheduled work, focus and get as much done as possible with the time you have.

If you can invest regular time into building your business, it will grow. It’s a cumulative effect. The work you do today will determine the state of your business next week, next month, and 10 years from now.

2) Focus On The One Most Important Thing

There’s a great book called “The One Thing” by Gary Keller.

There’s a universal principle you’ve probably heard of that states that 80% of results always come from 20% of the effort. This book takes it a step further and suggests that to have extraordinary results, we should look for the ONE THING that, if done, would make everything else easier or unnecessary.


By focusing on the one most important thing at any given moment of every situation, we always have a clear direction and we ensure that our time is always spent wisely.

I think this is probably one of the most important principles to success. If you look at any ultra-successful person, they always have one thing they specialize in. One thing they are passionate about. One thing they focused on exclusively, blocking out everything else, until they were the best at it.

3) Take Action Immediately

Those who take action first usually enjoy the lion’s share of the rewards. I have a tendency to want to figure everything out first before I actually do anything.

I can tell you from experience that the greatest leaps in our business have come when I took action BEFORE I really knew what I was doing.

You can always make corrections as you go along, but you need to get things moving ASAP or you run the risk of never getting started at all.

This applies to deciding to join a business in the first place, to applying new things you’re learning, or to just getting out of bed in the morning.

Whatever it is you should be doing… do it now.

4) Keep Track Of The Hours You Work

Keeping track of the time you put into your business is really important. For one thing, it keeps you focused. When you look at the clock and see you’ve been working for 2 hours and haven’t gotten anything done, you know it’s time to get serious.


Let’s be honest, you’re probably not building a home business for fun, right? You’re trying to make money, your trying to accomplish something.

There are probably a thousand other things you’d rather be doing, so if you’re going to invest your precious time into building your business, let’s do everything possible to make those hours count.

Documenting your hours helps you do that. No more getting lost on FaceBook and getting nothing done. When you see those wasted hours in black and white staring back at you, it puts things into perspective.

5) Invest Time Into Improving Yourself

In my opinion, everyone who wants to be successful needs to develop a habit of spending regular time with personal development material (books, videos, audios, etc).

Here’s a list of recommended reading.

We need something that can move our minds into a state of hope and productivity.

There may be days when you feel unsure of yourself and you might start to feel a bit discouraged. It’s just human nature to feel that way sometimes when sailing into uncharted waters.


This is the time when you need new input in your brain. You need a new mental atmosphere, and you can’t create it yourself.

If you have the opportunity, you can meet some new people who have what you want in life. People who inspire you. That’s a great way to obtain a new mindset… it just sort of rubs off on you.

But if that’s not an option, the next best thing is personal development because you can access the best ideas from some of the best minds, without ever meeting them.

You don’t have to try to put everything you read into practice and “force it”. You just want to give your mind the opportunity to expand.

6) Do Things You’re Scared To Do

Which brings me to my final point. Eleanor Roosevelt said “Do one thing every day that scares you.” I think that’s probably a pretty good way to live.

All of us have regrets in our past. Which regrets hurt the most? The times we tried something and messed up, or the times we let fear stop us from trying anything at all?

Letting fear stop us from doing the things we want and ought to do always has a price. That price is paid in missed opportunities, wasted potential, and worst of all, a haunting sense of regret.

There may be times in your business when you’re scared. Maybe you’re still a bit scared to even get started. That’s ok, that’s normal.

What’s not ok, is letting fear be the reason you don’t take that chance, or learn that skill, or make that decision that could have been the one that takes your life to a new level you never even knew was possible.


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