6 Ways To Find People Who Want To Join Your Business

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One of the major barriers that keeps people from starting their home business and beginning the journey of creating the life they want, is that they feel like they just don’t know how and where to find people who would actually be interested in using their products or joining their opportunity.

In this brief post, I’m going to show you 6 ways that will guarantee you never run out of interested prospects for your business again.

1) People You Know

Obviously the easiest and most accessible people will always be your warm market, people you actually know in real life.

Many people completely overlook this resource thinking none of them would be interested. This is a mistake.

If you’re involved in a good opportunity, something you believe in, with real products that actually work, with an opportunity that can actually make them money, then you honestly should be sharing it with the people you know and care about.

And if you’re involved in something you don’t believe in enough to feel comfortable sharing with the people you know, you might want to think about trying something else because honestly this business won’t work if you don’t believe in it.

2) FaceBook Friends

Your FaceBook friends list is a goldmine of opportunity. Most people have thousands of people on their friends list ranging from people you trade likes and comments with, to people you occasionally have conversations with, to people you interact with on a daily basis.


All of these people are potential prospects. Now that doesn’t mean you want to start plastering your timeline with ads all day. That’s a common mistake that will just turn people off.

There’s a way to connect with people in an inoffensive way and attract those who are interested to you rather than chasing them.

This is the topic of an entire training though, but if you’re interested we have free training for our team members.

3) Extending Your FaceBook Network

Another great way to utilize FaceBook is to regularly interact with pages or well known people in your niche.

You can spend just a few minutes a day commenting on things that your target market would be interested in, liking and responding to other people’s comments, etc.

You’ll be surprised how many people will reach out to you with friend requests that you can now connect with and see if they would be a good fit for your business.

4) FaceBook Groups

There are thousands of FaceBook groups out there full of hundreds of thousands of people that are all interested in specific topics.


In the network marketing industry there are typically 2 types of groups. The first are groups that are there for people to join and post their opportunity for others to see.

If you join these groups, rather than just posting your link and hoping someone will click on it like everyone else, it’s much more effective to reach out to other members of the group personally and connect with them.

Most of the people in these groups will be new to the industry and even if they’re currently working something else, there’s a good chance they’re not as successful as they’d like to be and they might very well be open to taking a look at something else.

The second type of groups are ones that are there for like-minded people to connect, share ideas and lift each other up.

These groups will typically have rules about not posting links to opportunities or spamming other members. In these groups you want to join and contribute to the conversation. As you engage with others, people will naturally reach out to you and want to connect.

5) PPC

If you have a marketing budget, PPC is a great way to get an endless supply of fresh leads. Basically, you run ads through an ad network and then you pay a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on your ad.


You may have heard of Google PPC, but I don’t recommend using that. They are very unfriendly to the network marketing industry and it is difficult to get ads approved.

I recommend instead to try using Bing PPC. You can run ads that target people who might be interested in your specific company, or making money from in general, or the type of products you sell, or a specific product, etc.

The options are endless. Just be careful with your budget and it pays to take some time to go through their training material to get the hang of the platform as well.

6) Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is basically about putting relevant content out there on the internet and attracting people to you rather than approaching people yourself.

Blog posts are a great way to go about this if you like to write. A WordPress blog is completely free, you just have to pay the $10 or so per month for hosting (I recommend Host Gator).

Another popular option is video. Video has become a very accessible strategy since most everyone already has a video camera with them at all times on their smart phone.

It couldn’t be easier to shoot a quick video on your phone and upload it to YouTube.

Keep in mind that this is a long term strategy. It will take time to get the hang of creating relevant and engaging content and to build up a subscriber base.


Hopefully these tips have been helpful to you. If you received value, feel free to share below.

🙂 Shawn Smith