shawn-smith-yellow3Hi, thanks for visiting!  My name is Shawn Smith and I’m the administrator for We hope that you are enjoying the site and find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch here.

A Little About Me

I grew up with the home business/network marketing industry. My mother Trisha Smith has been doing it full-time for 24 years now. I am currently 26, so basically as far back as I can remember it has been a part of my life. I saw my mom work really hard, but she loved it…and I saw firsthand the kind of crazy success that could be achieved in this industry. But like many others, I just didn’t consider it to be an option for myself.

I’ve never really possessed the kind of outgoing personality that it takes to thrive in a sales driven environment. Even though I could always see the tremendous potential that network marketing companies have for explosive financial gain and I yearned for the freedom that it can offer, I just wasn’t ever willing to step outside my comfort zone long enough to make it work. So for many years I resigned myself to the dead-end, nine-to-five grind that characterizes much of society.

A New Beginning

Enter the information age. The advent of the internet has revolutionized just about everything in our lives. For quite a while I had been hearing about how people were making tons of money building their home businesses exclusively online. No more cold calls, hotel meetings, thousand dollar lead lists, etc. But I had my doubts. I still could not grasp the concept that this was something that the average person, like me, could make work on a significant level.

Then I saw my mother take her business online and begin to build an International business that spread across the globe, right from home just sitting behind her desk with her computer. So I began to check things out.

As I began to learn about the techniques of internet marketing I started to gain an understanding of how the internet works. And it made sense. I realized that the internet acts as a sort of equalizer in a business sense. It presents a set of ever-expanding tools that anyone can use, and with those tools the barriers to success are no longer those of talent, charisma, or resources; but simply of patience and persistence. The tools are free in most cases and very cheap in others and it is simply a matter of sticking around long enough to learn how to leverage them correctly.

Facebook is a perfect example. Here is a free tool that traditional businesses with million dollar advertising budgets are making the focal point of their marketing efforts, why, because it works! It is amazing the power that the internet possesses.

The internet is also an environment that plays to a person’s strengths. It is such a diverse medium that no matter your weaknesses, you can find a way to leverage your strengths to compensate. Some people have built an entire marketing machine around video, some wouldn’t make a video if their life depended on it; but on the internet it doesn’t matter, there’s something for everyone.

Why Work With Us

Our desire is to help you succeed in your home based business from start to finish. The greatest complaint in this industry is the lack of support from up line. This can be especially true online because the internet is so vast and impersonal that it is easy for people to get lost in the shuffle. We understand this and we are here for your support, so don’t ever hesitate to ask for help.

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