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Trisha SmithHi, my name is Trisha Smith, thanks for visiting our site! Our goal is to help provide you with information and resources to assist you in growing your home business. We are dedicated to our team’s success, so feel free to contact us any time with any questions you may have. Keep reading to hear a little about my story, how I got started, and how I can help you succeed in your own business.

My Beginnings

24 years ago I was a stay at home mom raising 3 boys. My husband had just hurt his back working construction (which he had done his whole life) and we were now searching the help wanted ads in our local newspaper to try and pay the rent. In our search we came across an ad that looked like a promising job offer. When we showed up however it turned out to be, you guessed it, a network marketing meeting.

I can tell you honestly that the only reason that we didn’t just turn around right then and go home is because we were literally on our last tank of gas and the car was smoking.

So we sat through the entire meeting and to say that I was skeptical is putting it nicely. You know that one you find in every audience with arms folded and a permanent scowl fixed to their face? Yep, that was me. Needless to say, I didn’t bite…but my husband did. Much to my surprise he was really excited and against my urgings he borrowed $4,000 and signed up…


strugglesYou have to understand that this was 24 years ago, before the internet, before online marketing techniques, before automated systems. These were the days of knocking on people’s doors and handing out flyers, of visiting businesses and interrupting people to try and sell them face to face.

No body wants to do these things, but my husband was really determined to make this work. He forced himself to endure the ridicule and embarrassment of this kind of hard selling until he just couldn’t take it anymore.

So here we were sitting on $4,000 worth of product and no one to sell it. After seeing the kind of effort and sacrifice my husband had put into trying to make this work, I was inspired to give it a try myself.

I hit the phones and I hit them hard. Everyone knows how nerve-wracking it can be to sell over the phone to complete strangers, but I bet I have you beat. I would literally stare at the phone for a half an hour between each call working up the nerve to pick it up again. I even remember having to reward myself with mint chocolate chip ice cream at the end of each day for motivation. But I did it. And I will always remember the transformation that took place as I dug in and refused to give up.

The second hundred calls was nothing like the first and slowly but surely I got the hang of it. After 3 months of putting 800-1000 flyers on cars a day and talking to every lead, I was up to $10,000 in monthly volume.


SuccessThat was my first successful experience with network marketing. Since then this industry has allowed me to see $5,000 days, $8,000 weeks and $30,000 months! I’ve given speeches, taught company trainings, hosted regional meetings and conducted countless conference calls for numerous companies.

Pretty amazing when I think about it since I could hardly even pick up the phone when I started. But I just stuck with it and now being on the phone is one of my favorite parts of my business.

Just goes to show that you really don’t need to have any natural talent to make this work, just a strong work ethic and a burning desire that won’t quit…

I always tell people that really the most important thing is never giving up. I know it’s cliché, but it’s true and I’m living proof. I truly believe that if I can do it, anyone can if they just refuse to give up.

Working Smarter

light bulbBut I had built my business the hard way and what I was doing was anything but duplicatable. Who wants to cold call and hand out flyers? No one, that’s who.

Even though my business had become more sophisticated over the years and I was no longer flooding mall parking lots with marketing flyers, I still wasn’t able to help my team succeed the way I wanted them to because those methods of marketing require people to step so much farther out of their comfort zone than most people are willing to go.

So I decided to radically change my strategy.

I had recently been in a recruiting contest that I had worked my butt off to win. I was so proud of myself, that is until I learned that the number 2 person, who I had just barely been able to beat, was actually on vacation on a beach somewhere letting his online marketing do the work for him…that opened my eyes!

I began to implement online techniques for the first time in 2005, not using any of my pre-existing contacts or marketing methods, to see if I could make it work the way a new person would.

And boy did it work!

I was able to sponsor 1,000 people and build a global team of 15,000 members by simply combining internet marketing methods with a personal touch. Now this was more like it!

And this was also the better part of a decade ago. Since then the online landscape has changed so much and it is always evolving. It is now easier than ever for total newbies to make money with their home business right away, simply by leveraging the right online tools.

Why Work With Us

trisha smithOver the years I’ve found that the most rewarding aspects of network marketing are the relationships I’ve made and being able to help people who have never seen success before, finally reach their goals. I am committed to helping my team succeed. If you are willing to work and you want to succeed, I’m willing to get in there with you and help you do it. It’s what I love about this business.

If you decide to join our team, you can rest assured that you will never be left out in the cold to fend for yourself. If you haven’t done so already I invite you to visit our Partner With Us page for more info on teaming up. Thanks again for visiting and we hope to work with you soon!

A Few Photos From My Life

My grandson & I

My Grandson & I.


My husband & I enjoying the Fall colors.


My 3 boys.


Shawn & I in Brown County, Indiana in the Fall.


A feature I did for Empower Magazine with my grandson.


This is Stinky.


This is Po.


This is Kazi.


They’re Besties.

  • bjdavis

    Don’t know how I stumbled across the “both” of you, but I must say it was a  God send, and in the right direction.  Thank you for being so patient with me, and hopefully I will learn some new things along the way.
    Once again, many thanks…Beth

    •  It’s our pleasure Beth, glad to have you on the team!

  • Lawrence Dun

    how much does this cost?

    • Hi Lawrence, we have responded to your query via the email you provided in your comment form. Thanks!

  • Agnes Zsuffa

    Trisha Smith is an amazing marketer/teacher. I know her at least for 6-7 years. Her knowledge and consistency is amazing. I’m planning to be her student forever and everybody should do it who wants to be successful in marketing. You will be sooner or later successful. Agnes Zsuffa

  • Nana Yaw Akomeah

    Wow! I am so inspired and motivated.

  • Christian

    Trisha is an amazing person shes helping me now how to grow in this network marketing business i cant thank her enough of how helpful she has been and i’ve just met her today and im feeling inspired already proud to be part of her team

  • Paul Messina

    Hi Trish, Donald G is my upline in freetoolbox and I was wondering if you had any welcome emails or follow ups for members or email adcopy!

    • Hi Paul, yes I have a welcome email that I send out to all of my personal signups. I gave it to Donald, see if he can forward it over to you. If he can’t find it for whatever reason, let me know and I can send it to you. As far as email copy goes, there is a section in your back office that has copy you can use to get started. If you’re on my list and have gotten any prospecting emails from me, feel free to edit those and reuse them as well. Or if you haven’t gotten any, you can see if Donald has any copies of those as well.

  • Marco

    Hi Ma’m Trisha, I just like to ,know more about FTB, I been struggled in network marketing and I like to learn more even I have a full time job.

    my email is

    FB: coco.nomabiles


    Marco A. Nomabiles

    • Hi Marco, FTB is definitely a great place to start. It’s very inexpensive to get started and it also has training modules that are designed for the beginner. These strategies don’t take a lot of time to implement so that might be a good way to get moving in the right direction while you’re still working full time.

      Here’s a link to my FTB review. You can click on any of the red buttons in that post to get more information:

      If you’d like to talk more about what program might be the best fit for you and how to get started, you can contact me here:

      skype id: trisha.smith

  • Kathy Rouson

    OMG Trisha… I think I finally found you! Does the name Cecil Rouson ring a bell? This is Kathy. I hope you get this right away. Please contact me ASAP @ Crossing my fingers!

    • OMG!! Soooo happy to hear from you! Will call you in a few hours. Can’t wait to reconnect. It’s been way too long! 🙂

  • Bruce

    Hi Trisha, I wish to join FTB, but i have a feeling i am a little too late – Is the market not saturated?


    • Not even close Bruce. We’re just getting started. 🙂

  • Bernie Scherr

    Hey Trisha ! Thank you, thank you..from the bottom of my heart for all that you and Shawn have done. I’ve been so wrong for so long..BUT I’M SO RIGHT TONIGHT ! ..Thanks to you. ..and Ruth echos every word.

  • Jack Trowbridge

    Great read Trisha!

  • Lawrence Godwin

    i dont have money to join. i plead for assistance. my payza email account( I will refund as soon as requested if it is not donated. please help me get a life here

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    How do I start

  • esi tony

    Hi Trisha,I think am interested how do I get started

  • Michael

    Trisha, please message me on how to start. Thanks.

  • Noella Val-Kanu

    Hi Tricia, I am sorry if this not to right avenue t post. I am new here and idnt know how to go about posting my question. Please how can someone in canada register for the ultimate cycler program?

  • jo

    Wow….. can’t wait to start, for years all I ever wanted was financial freedom so I turn to networking but it never works, and I was like to hell wit it, of recent I start attending seminars but at the end of the day no one want to give out information on how to make money for free but here You Are giving it for free. First time I heard bout it was in a restaurant I was sitting close to this man & woman, once in a while they raise their voice & when they notice I was listening they leave even wit out finishing their meal but I guess I was luck to get the magic word. So I got my phone and start digging. Pls how do I start can’t wait to fire my boss.

    • HI jo, I’m sending you an email to help you.

  • confim v

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    Hey Trisha, compliments. My question is on the second level after upgrading, do I still need to get 2 direct referrals or admin automatically does that for me?