Article Directories – Vol 2.2 Training Part 3

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Here we continue discussing methods for obtaining internet marketing training and information so that you can really get a handle on what you need to do and what to expect from your online endeavors.

Free is always better than not free so here are some more suggestions for free ways to build your foundation of internet marketing knowledge and get answers to the questions you do or undoubtedly will have.

Article Directories

A very useful and free tool that you can utilize is online article directories. Examples of such directories are,,, and There are many, many others but these are some of the more popular, high traffic ones.


Article directories have the potential to become your go to destination for information because they provide you with a way of quickly searching through hordes of information for what you are really looking for. There are tons of people, who write about all kinds of different topics and submit them all to article directories. Just like with forums you can get some really good quality information from these articles. The information will also likely be more organized and formal as they will be written for publication instead of just comments to a forum post, which may further aid you in quickly finding the information you need.

My recommendation is to go with when searching for information because they have the most stringent article approval process which ensures that you will most likely be getting quality information, or at least complete sentences.


Of course as with any user submitted content you run the risk of reading information that is either irrelevant, inaccurate or both. is less apt to contain these kinds of poor quality articles due to their more strict approval process, but that still does not guarantee that some won’t slip through the cracks.

When you are getting information from an article or any other kind of user submitted source, it is best to take what you learn and plug some of that information back into a search engine to try and gain some supporting evidence for the claims. You never want to totally take someone you don’t know at their word and believe everything they say. Take your time, do your research, and in the end you will be a better informed, better equipped internet marketer.

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