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Listening – A Skill Too Often Overlooked

Active listening is a skill that is often seen as antiquated in today’s society. These days it’s all about action, it’s the information age. These are the days of multi-tasking and smart phones, texting and FaceBook, sending you thousand of jumbled messages every waking second of your life. Listening…who has time, right?

In reality however, whether you know it or not, you’re listening skills have a huge impact on your life.

In Business

If you’re on this blog, it’s probably a safe assumption that you are involved with or have an interest in home businesses, network marketing, internet marketing, etc. Internet marketing can be a very cold and impersonal business. Everyone seems to be moving away from personal interaction and are looking for ways to automate their business so they don’t ever have to talk to anyone.

Automation is great when it’s done right…but it’s a lot more effective when you’re willing to put in a slight personal touch. When you’re building an online business, you’re building a team of people, real people, who are trying to better their lives and become successful. These are people who want to be heard, who want to be understood, and it’s really not ok to just sign them up and cut them loose.

So if you want to build your business the right way, the way that will create loyalty and long term success, you need to listen to what your prospects have to say. Really listen to their needs. Hear what they say, but more importantly hear what they don’t say. Be genuinely engaged and invested.

It’s ok to have a list of pre-written questions you wish to ask, as long as you actually listen to the answers and don’t just jump to the next one without any consideration for what was just said. People pick up on this and it’s a big turn off.

In Personal Life

It’s in one’s personal life that the benefits of good listening skills really become apparent. Show me any healthy relationship and I’ll show you 2 people who have learned to listen to one another deeply on a consistent basis.

Listening really effects every area of our lives. Becoming a good listener is about learning how to focus. You have to be able to tune out the distractions and totally engage in what is right in front of you…a necessary skill to succeed in anything in life.

Learning to listen is a process of forgetting ourselves so we can focus on other people. It’s natural to be caught up in our own thoughts and feelings because they scream the loudest. But to really learn to listen and build the character necessary for success, those things have to be silenced so you can begin to focus on what’s most important.

It isn’t always easy, but becoming a good listener can make a substantial positive impact on your business, family and life.

🙂 Shawn Smith

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