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What Is Business Toolbox?

Business Toolbox is an online business, tool suite and training center created by Peter Wolfing that is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all your business building needs.

They offer hundreds of hours of training in the form of print, audio and video and they also provide a number of enterprise level business building tools built right into the system.

BTB is also an income opportunity with a generous 2 part compensation plan that combines big 100% commissions with long term residuals.

In this review of the Business Toolbox program, we’ll go over all the important points to help you get a clear overall picture of the company so you can make an informed decision.

Business Toolbox Compensation Plan

business toolbox reviewMost compensation plans focus either on high percentage commissions so you can make money quickly, or they focus on long term residuals that pay in depth over time.

BTB’s compensation plan however combines the best of both worlds,so you have all the benefits of both with none of the weaknesses.

The upfront 100% commissions will have you making money right away, while the residual portion will build your long term retirement income.

Here’s how it works:

BTB Comp Plan (Part 1)

The 100% commissions portion of BTB’s comp plan is based on what they call “business centers”.

Business centers have a one-time buy in with 6 spots under them. You are paid 100% commissions on the bottom 4 spots. When all 6 of these spots fill, the business center pays out.

So, for example, let’s say you pay the one-time $25 to get into the first business center. Once all 6 spots under you have filled, you will be payed $100 ($25 X 4).

There are 7 different business centers that all pay differently as follows:

  • $25 business center pays $100
  • $50 business center pays $200
  • $100 business center pays $400
  • $200 business center pays $800
  • $400 business center pays $1,600
  • $800 business center pays $3,200
  • $1,600 business center pays $6,400

business toolbox compensation plan

Here’s a short video from BTB company owner Peter Wolfing, outlining the business center portion of the compensation plan:

BTB Comp Plan (Part 2)

Part 2 of Business Toolbox’s compensation plan focuses on building the long term residual commissions necessary to develop a retirement type income that you can walk away from and keep getting paid.

The residual portion of the comp plan is based on a monthly subscription of $39 per month. It pays through a whopping 13 levels with the potential to earn through up to 16 levels.

This means you can potentially build a very sizable monthly income as the organization continues to expand.

Note: You can still earn in the first 2 business centers from the first part of the comp plan, without activating this residual portion.

The first level of the plan is 3 wide and it features a “get 3 and your free” system, meaning once you have your first 3 spots filled, your $39 membership becomes free.

As you help your members get their 3, and they in turn help their members get 3, etc. it can begin to snowball and fill up very quickly.

Over time, this kind of plan makes it possible to generate a 6-figure per month passive income that comes in whether you work or not.

btb residual commissions

Here’s another video from Peter going over the residual portion of the Bussiness Toolbox compensation plan.

Business Toolbox Review | Product Focus

Business Toolbox ProductsBTB’s product catalog consists of both training material and hands-on business building tools.

The training consists of a vast library of videos, audio, and print material. These cover a wide variety of topics such as personal development, lots of technical how to’s, website development, copywriting, financial investing, etc. etc.

There’s a lot of stuff back there…

The owner of Business Toolbox, Peter Wolfing, also specializes in developing software to serve his client’s needs, and he’s put together an impressive suite of enterprise level tools for BTB.

These tools include:

  • 3 kinds of lead scrapers
  • a mobile website builder
  • text marketing software
  • phone broadcaster
  • predictive dialer
  • a bulk mailer/autoresponder system

The training and tools in Business Toolbox are all generic as well, which means even if you’re already in another program or even have a traditional business, these products can help you be more effective.

The way that you pay for BTB’s products is through the use of “business bucks”. You earn business bucks as you upgrade through the program, pay monthly membership fees, sign up new referrals, etc.

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BTB LeadershipPeter Wolfing, BTB’s owner, has been successfully building businesses for the past 15 + years. His parent company “Multiplex Systems” has an A+ rating with the BBB. He knows what he’s doing and has a proven track record in this industry.

Business Toolbox is the culmination of all those years of experience and he is sparing no expense to make this his greatest achievement yet.

The BTB leadership team is one of integrity, which is important for the long term stability of a company.

My Experience With BTB

My experience with Business Toolbox so far has been great. I always work very closely with my team to try and help them succeed as much as possible, and BTB makes that easy.

We’ve seen a lot of team members having some really great results in a short amount of time with BTB.

I’m actually the #2 recruiter in one of Peter’s other programs so I know that the stuff he puts together works. Even though BTB is relatively new at the time I’m writing this review, it’s already off to an explosive start and things are looking really good.

Here’s a recent screenshot from a contest that shows how our team is growing. As you can see, 6 members of our team make up the top 20 in the contest.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully this Business Toolbox review has been able to help you get a clearer picture of what BTB all about.

If you’re just getting started and wanting to generate some extra income from home, BTB is definitely worth a close look. The training and tools they provide can help you get moving in the right direction.

For those who already have a business but are looking for a way to be more effective, BTB’s training and tool suite are completely generic and can be applied to any business.

Business Toolbox has put together a compelling package and it can really help you on your home business journey because you’re going to need solid training and tools along the way.

I encourage you to click the button below to get some more information about BTB and how to work with me directly.

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