Case Study: How To Get Over 100 Leads A Day For Free

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There are a lot of ways to get leads over the internet, both free and paid. The great thing about paid advertising is that it’s fast. But it’s also risky.

Free methods on the other hand are much slower and take more work to build. But they’re also completely free and can yield MUCH better results in the long run. In this post I’m going to show you how I’m getting over 100 leads a day with free methods. But first, here’s a bit about paid advertising…


The Truth About Paid Advertising

Paid methods do work. I regularly buy traffic every single month for my business.

But paid traffic can be tricky. Most of the time, you don’t make back your initial investment right away unless you have a self liquidating funnel setup.

If you don’t know what that means, then you don’t have one. Which is ok, most people don’t. In fact, neither do I.

So when you’re buying traffic and sending it to an offer that probably won’t convert cold traffic right away, you have to be prepared to do 2 things.

First, you will have to work those leads. Followup is always important, but when it comes to cold traffic it is absolutely critical. Second, you will have to be able to take a loss at first and have a firm understanding of your customer lifetime value (CLV).


In other words, you have to know how much each lead and each new customer will be worth to you… over the lifetime of your relationship with them. This is important because as I said earlier, there’s a fair chance you won’t make your money back right away.

So if you spend $1,000 on advertising and sign up 5 people… and each new customer is worth say $500 (CLV) to you… then even though you may not make back your initial investment, you still had a successful campaign because those 5 customers are actually worth $2,500 (CLV).

But… the fact is, you still just spent $1,000 and maybe only made $300 back right away. So despite all that fancy CLV talk, you’re probably not going to have the money to buy anymore advertising, which means your business stops growing. That’s a problem.

What’s The Alternative?

You’ve probably heard about something called attraction marketing. This is absolutely the most effective way to build an online business right now.

We live in an always connected, social media crazed world. People want to be able to get to know you and see what you’re about before they ever even consider doing business with you.

Network marketing has always been a people business that requires personal connection anyway. So attraction marketing is basically just about taking that concept into the digital world where you can now connect with thousands of people at once.

In a nutshell, attraction marketing is putting yourself out there, and letting those who are interested come to you. Instead of leading with your offer, you lead with value. In the end, people always join with whoever they like and trust the most anyway, not with who has the best sales pitch or the best product.

And It’s Absolutely Free

We pretty much expect at this point that every new online service is going to be free. Gmail is free, Youtube is free, Facebook is free… it’s all free. This is absolutely incredible for the modern internet marketer because this means you can build a global business from your kitchen table while paying practically nothing at all.

And this also means you don’t have to go looking for people to join your business anymore. They are already there. They’re on Facebook, and Youtube, and Twitter, and Snapchat, and whatever, every single day… all day.


And it’s not just social media. You can start your own blog using completely free. WordPress is an amazing platform. According to ManageWP, WordPress actually now powers 26% of the entire internet.

All you have to pay for to have your own self-hosted WordPress blog is the hosting. You can get a shared hosting account with Hostgator for literally about $10 a month. So you can basically get a completely customizable website that you can use for whatever you want, on one of the best platforms that exists for $10 a month…

Where Should You Start?

My recommendation is to start with Facebook, YouTube and a personal blog. If you can get good at these three things, you can build a million dollar business on the internet.

For example, all those leads I mentioned earlier were actually coming from 1 single blog post and YouTube video.

That’s the power of attraction marketing. Imagine having 10 of those posts or videos at the same time… it starts to boggle the mind.

And Facebook is pretty much an entire industry in itself at this point. There are billions of people on Facebook every single day and it’s probably the most effective way there is to connect with someone on a personal level.

What Should You Learn?

The thing about attraction marketing is that it takes time. It takes time to learn how to create good content. It takes time to produce that content. It takes time to build up an attractive social media presence and learn how to connect with people.

But these skills are well worth the costs of developing them.

1) For most people, the greatest challenge will be video. It’s just an uncomfortable thing if you’re not used to it. The best way to get over this is to just start making videos.

You don’t even have to upload them. But I guarantee if you make 100 videos, by the time you finish the last one you will have gained so much experience you’ll hardly be able to recognize yourself.

2) Start connecting with people on Facebook and if you want this to be a central part of your marketing strategy, get used to sharing your life with other people.

People on Facebook want to be entertained and they want to get to know other people and get a brief glimpse into their lives. FB is not the place to advertise your business all over your timeline. Any and all training you can find about FB marketing will be invaluable. One of our programs actually has a huge FB group with TONS of amazing FB training for free.

3) Learn about some basic SEO. SEO can be a bit of an Alice In Wonedrland rabbit hole if you let yourself get sucked into it. It’s just too complicated for any but the most die-hard to really master, and it’s always changing anyway.

But if you’re going to be writing blog posts or shooting YouTube videos, some basic SEO is critical to getting organic search traffic, which is where you’re new leads will come from.

Luckily, a simple Google search can yield you all you need to know about some basic on page and off page SEO.


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🙂 Shawn Smith