How To Rank On Google Without Doing SEO

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Everyone wants to get on the first page of Google for their niche keywords because we all know that’s where the highest quality traffic comes from. But ranking on Google can be a very complicated process, especially if you’re trying to go after highly competitive keywords.

But there is a way to rank on the first page of Google without doing any complicated SEO stuff at all and I’ll show you how.

The Strategy

The strategy is to take advantage ...

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Google Keyword Tool – The Best Free Keyword Tool You’ll Ever Use

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Why You Need The Google Keyword Tool

Keyword research is absolutely essential to any website or marketing campaign and the Google Keyword Tool is one of the best free keyword tools there are. Without proper keyword optimization, it doesn’t matter how good your content is because no one is ever likely to see it. This is because the majority of traffic to your website is going to come through search engine results and search engine results are generated ...

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