WordPress Training – Creating a Marketing Funnel

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Now that your new website is all set up and ready to go it’s a good time to take a moment and discuss plans for your marketing funnel.

Your marketing funnel is basically a defined path that you want your prospects to follow. It is a detailed plan revolving around your marketing goals, what you ultimately want a prospect to do (buy a product, sign up for a business, subscribe to your RSS feed, etc).

There are several parts to a functioning marketing funnel that we will cover in this tutorial.


Your content is the first step to your marketing funnel. This includes posts on your website, articles submitted to article directories, Squidoo lenses, Hubpages, etc. This step also includes any of the more formal advertising that you may be doing. This is the traffic stage. You are getting people interested in what you have to offer; getting to know them and giving them a reason to enter your funnel.

Capture Pages

List building is an extremely important part of your marketing strategy. Everything you do should always be directly or indirectly geared toward building your list of contacts.

The way you build your list is through capture pages and capture forms.

You can create and edit your own capture pages, or customize pre-existing templates, using a free web page creator called KompoZer. You can then load these capture pages straight on to your HostGator server using c-panel.

There are also many companies that you can find online that provide capture page creating services. Some will be more of a rental service and they will host the pages on their own servers, while others let you keep them and host them on your own servers.

The final option is to simply use the pre-made capture pages that many network marketing companies provide you with. As a general rule though the more unique your capture pages are the better they will convert.

Additionally you will want to place web forms in the sidebars of your website.

Email Marketing Provider

Regardless of which capture page option you choose you will need to have an email marketing provider in order to create web forms and manage your lists.

The two major names in email marketing are AWeber and Get Response. We recommend AWeber but either will do. If you don’t already have an account set up you can do so by clicking on the buttons below.

AWeber Get Response

Emailing Your List

When someone opts in to your list it is not an invitation to spam their inboxes into oblivion. People are opting in for a reason; make sure you deliver on what you promised.

It is ok to keep in touch and share new things from time to time (for example new and helpful blog posts that bring people back to your site), but you never want to spam, oversell, etc. All a prospect has to do is click the unsubscribe button and they’re gone forever.

Plus, you damage your credibility a little more with every garbage email you send out.


Building a home based business is more about building relationships than anything else. Too many people think that the funnel stops at the signup, but that’s really where it begins. Just like any other business on the planet, repeat customers are the lifeblood of the industry.

The ones who have bought from you already are the most valuable prospects you have. By providing support and just generally being there for them, you can build a team of people who trust your recommendations and will recommend you to others.

If you always disappear after the sale is made you will always be chasing the new sale, marketing to people who don’t know you and are the hardest to sell to.

The number one complaint beginners in this industry have is lack of support from their upline. Being willing to stick around and provide support for your team can go a long way toward building your home business.

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