Free Toolbox 30 Day Update – #1 Recruiter & $420 Bonus

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Hey guys, so around a month ago I joined a little feeder program called Free Toolbox that teaches 101 ways to build your business, starts for as little as $1.25 and pays out 100% commissions.

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Over the last 30 days the growth on our team has been really explosive. We’ve seen a lot of team members getting results for the first time utilizing this simple system. FTB is so affordable to join and it provides so much needed value to its members, it’s hard for people to say no.

In fact, one of our team members has even been able to build his group up to almost 1,000 people in just the first 30 days!

I was actually even able to take the top spot as the #1 recruiter for March (aside from the company and owner positions, which make up the first 3 spots).

Free Toolbox Leaderboard

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Free Toolbox also has regular contests and recruiting bonuses too, so I was also able to pick up a nice bonus check for an extra $420.

The way this bonus worked was actually really neat because it wasn’t a contest where only the best of the best could win anything.

They simply gave out bonuses to every member who hit a certain threshold of personal signups for the month. There were several tiers with different bonus payouts for each, and the first one started at just 5 personal signups for the month.

This was really great because it gave everyone a chance to participate and we had many people on our team who earned bonus checks of their own.

FTB plans on having these kinds of contests and bonuses regularly and everyone is really excited about it.

Here’s a quick video I shot for the company after the contest ended…

FTB is brand new so you may not have heard about it yet or had the chance to take a look. Things are just getting started but already nearly 40,000 people have joined us in just the first 30 days.

I’m really excited about the potential FTB has to help make people a lot of money because it’s so inexpensive to join but provides so much value that can be immediately implemented to start getting more leads and sales in this, or any other business you may be working.

We’re already seeing incredible stories of success and real results from real people, and we’re only 1 month in.

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🙂 Trisha Smith