1 Simple Tweak That Can Get You Out Of Your Rut And Into Profit

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Why is it that some people seem to be always moving forward in their business, staying ahead of the curve and advancing, while many others just seem stuck and unable to gain any traction?

The answer isn’t because they have the best system or they know some secret technique that you don’t.

There’s a process that every successful internet marketer goes through that I like to call “getting comfortable being uncomfortable”.

Why We Get Into Ruts

The reason why so many people get into these ruts where everything they try seems to fail, or they always reach a certain point of success but can go no further, is because they haven’t been willing to go through this process yet.

A lot of people give up on themselves and quit before ever making a single dollar online… why is that?

What is it that can cause a person who is excited enough to pull out their credit card and join an opportunity, to totally give up and go back to a job they hate 1 month later, before they’ve even done anything?


Learning new things is uncomfortable. And having to make business decisions is an unfamiliar feeling for most people.

Most people are used to a structured lifestyle. Someone tells them when to get up, when to eat lunch, when to go to sleep, etc. There’s no ambiguity, no decisions to make… just show up, do your job, and everything will be fine.

So when someone with this mentality is thrust into the unfamiliar world of owning their own business, it’s scary. They may end up feeling like it’s too confusing and they stop moving forward.

This is exactly why we get into ruts. If you are in a rut right now, there is probably something you need to learn or do to take your business to the next level.

But because learning or doing that thing is unfamiliar and uncomfortable, you don’t do it and your business never goes anywhere.

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

When you own your own business there will always be a level of uncertainty and ambiguity to it. You are your own boss and free to make your own decisions, which is different than the old, comfortable, yellow brick road you may have been following in the past.


But just like anything else in life, it just takes a little time and experience to get used to it. If you develop the habit of solving problems when you hit them, rather than running from them, it won’t be long before those problems start to seem less intimidating.

An expert is only an expert because they were willing to keep doing something long enough that it stopped being difficult.

Even though being a little uncomfortable is part of being an entrepreneur because there’s always new things to learn, you really can get comfortable being uncomfortable if you stick around long enough to let it happen.

Knowing What To Expect

The fact is, it takes hard work to become competent at anything in life, and marketing is certainly not exempt from this rule.

Try to remember this the next time you see an ad for something that tells you you can make $15,000 a month doing absolutely nothing because they do everything for you.

There absolutely are tools that automate most of the process of this business. It really is an incredible time we’re living in where the internet has made it possible for fortunes to be made in absurdly short time frames.

But… there will ALWAYS be something you have to do to make it work.

Think about it… if it were that easy… if you literally could just sign up and do NOTHING and make tons of money, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Be willing to be a little uncomfortable and do what it takes to learn how to make your business work… that’s the only way to REAL success.

It’s a simple mental tweak and it may not seem like much…

But it’s only when you stop being afraid of that uncomfortable feeling of doing something you’ve never done before, that you can start to develop the courage to conquer all the challenges that will try to keep you from reaching your goals.


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