How To Easily Build A Global Business

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The Hard Way

how to build a global businessYou know, it really wasn’t that long ago when building a home business was all about bugging your friends and family, holding home parties and booking hotel meetings for perfect strangers who usually don’t even show up.

In those days you had to be a great sales person with phenomenal sales skills to ever hope to even sign up a single person…and even then you were in for hours, days, months…years of grinding it out in the trenches hoping to make it big one day.

The prospect of building a global business where thousands of people could find you and align themselves with your business without you ever having to meet them or even talk to them was… quite frankly, a fantasy.

Well, today that fantasy has become reality and people are literally doing just that every single day. I have people from all over the world signing up with me every day…people from India, people from South Africa, people from places I’ll probably never visit, coming from cultures I couldn’t possibly understand.

These are people I’ve never met face to face, and I may never have the chance… but it doesn’t matter. We’ve locked arms and are prospering together from opposite sides of the world… pretty amazing!

Unfortunately, even though modern technology has now made building a global business a reality for the average person, many people still don’t know it. There are so many people who still believe the only way to build a home business is to bug your friends and family and prospect to the mailman and the barber… stop doing that!

Now I’m not saying you can’t build a profitable business from warm market. It’s been done before and it is possible. But in today’s world, and especially if your goal is to build a global business…

There’s a better way… really there is.

A Better Way

how to build a global businessTake a moment to think about what it is you’re really trying to achieve as a home business entrepreneur. The first answer to come to mind is probably something like: “I’m looking for people to sign up in my deal so I can get commissions and achieve financial freedom.” …which would be the wrong answer.

The right answer is: “I’m looking for the right people, the people who are looking for me, to align myself with so we can all achieve our goals of financial freedom and time freedom.”

See financial freedom doesn’t mean all that much if it doesn’t create time freedom. Even if I’m making enough money to not have to go back to a dreaded J.O.B. does it really mean anything if I have to slave away for 14 hours a day to get it?

What we are trying to get is financial freedom (enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle without working a job) and time freedom (the time to actually enjoy it).

And the only way to get both is to find the right people instead of wasting all your time chasing down the wrong people.

This is just a guess, but your barber and mailman probably aren’t the right people. And neither are your friends and family usually.

Succeeding in marketing, any kind of marketing, is about connecting your offer with the people who are already looking for what you have. No convincing or selling necessary. If you have to convince someone to join your business, you’re talking to the wrong person.

The Shocking Truth

shockedFor years however, this kind of marketing was reserved only for the elite… those with million dollar advertising budgets who could buy the right kind of advertising and get it in front of the right kind of people.

But the internet has changed all that. It never ceases to amaze me, all the tools that are available now to build a successful global business, that anyone with a computer and an internet connection can leverage. It’s staggering and it gets easier all the time as technology continues to expand and streamline the experience.

The days of chasing people down trying to force feed them your opportunity are long gone.

It’s now possible to leverage the right techniques and actually attract the right kind of people to you on autopilot… and it’s easier than you think.

Wouldn’t you rather learn a technique, implement it and see the right people find you from all over the globe while you’re on vacation, while you’re eating, while you’re sleeping?

Doesn’t that sound a lot better than bothering perfect strangers and having the wrong people hang up on you and slam the door in your face for 10 hours a day… everyday? Believe it or not, people still build their business like this and it’s a shame because they don’t have to anymore.

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