How To Increase Your Conversion Rates By 300%

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If you’ve been marketing online for a while, you’ve probably heard a lot of different strategies for increasing conversion rates.

Things like: A/B split testing, learning copy writing, etc. But there’s one thing you can do, that’s a lot easier than all that, that doesn’t require you to learn a bunch of new skills, and can consistently raise your conversion rates by upwards of 300% and beyond…

Putting Yourself Into Your Business

It’s actually really simple. The single most effective thing you can do in your business is to put yourself into it. This means adding a personal touch and making it easy for people to see that there’s a real person on the other side of your sales page.

All the expert copy writing in the world can’t replace this simple step. The greatest barrier to people buying what you are offering is trust. They may really want your offer, they may think it sounds really great… but if there’s no trust established between you and your prospect, they just won’t buy anything.

This is a universal principle found in every industry and every product. When you go to a retail store to buy something, there’s already a certain level of trust established right when you walk in the door. You know the store, you’ve bought things from that store before.

So even if you’re looking at a brand new product you’ve never seen before and know nothing about, you’ll still buy it because you trust the store.

Establishing Trust Online

But building a business online is different. Your prospects are seeing you and your offer for the first time ever and the greatest tool you have for distinguishing yourself from all the other offers out there isn’t your comp. plan, or your capture page… it’s YOU.

This doesn’t mean you have to personally call each one of your leads or send people your whole life story. It can be as simple as adding your photo to your sales page and the emails you send out.

It can be as simple as personally writing a broadcast and sending it out to your list instead of just relying on mass produced autoresponder letters. Or maybe you could shoot a quick welcome video and include a link to it in your first email to your prospects.

There are all kinds of ways to inject a little personal attention into your marketing to establish trust.

Give Value First

Another great strategy is to provide valuable free content to your prospects. Even if there are people on your list who aren’t interested in what you’re offering or aren’t ready to buy anything right now, if you give them valuable content they can use, they’ll remember that.

It will establish you in their minds as someone who can be trusted, who can help them, and when they are ready to buy something they will seek you out as the one to buy from.

In today’s interconnected world of free information, establishing a relationship of trust is more important than ever before. Having the best product or the best opportunity isn’t enough anymore.

You have to connect with people and give them a reason to pay attention to you. And one of the best ways to do that is by helping them solve their problems before asking them for anything in return. People remember where they find solutions and they go back again and again. It’s what’s turned Google into the billion dollar giant it is today.


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