Why The Internet Is Killing Your Home Business

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The internet has absolutely revolutionized the way we do just about everything, and building a home business is no exception. Gone are the days of home parties and hotel meetings, of door to door and business to business prospecting.

It’s now possible for a normal, everyday person to literally run a global business from a laptop or smartphone. All this is great. The barriers to entrepreneurship have been squashed in the last decade by these technological advancements.

But… as with anything, there’s a downside. For those few who learn to really harness the power of the internet to build an automated business, brand themselves, and drive massive traffic through highly optimized sales funnels, the internet is awesome.

But for those who see those guys doing all that and try to emulate it, it can be a bit of a nightmare that leaves thousands of people scratching their heads, wondering why nothing they do seems to be working.

The Problem With Gurus

When trying to copy these people who are playing at the top of the game, the internet can make it seem easier than it really is. I mean, you have access to all the same tools they have right? So, what’s the problem?


The problem is that there is a lot you CAN’T see. The people who really succeed at a high level on the internet are those who have either built a massive brand around themselves so that they have unquestionable credibility and almost a celebrity status… or they’ve spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars learning how to advertise on the internet at an enterprise level.

Neither of these are viable options for the average person trying to build a home business in their spare time. So what should you do?

Back To Basics

Before the days of the internet, there were still entrepreneurs out there hustling, working hard and building successful home businesses through personal connection. And it still works now…

Everyone today wants something that’s automated, where you just push a button and your business builds itself. And when you look at the gurus, it looks like maybe you can actually have it… they sure seem to.


But in reality, what looks easy is only easy because they first spent an unbelievable amount of time and energy building their business to the point where, yes, now it is automated for the most part. They can flip on their smartphone, shoot a video and make an extra 100k whenever they want.

But again, that’s not a viable option for the average person who’s just trying to earn some extra money to help with bills or quit their job. They need something realistic.

And what is realistic, what always has and always will work, is building the old fashioned way through actual networking and connecting with people.

So I Have To Be A Door To Door Salesman?

Absolutely not… You can still use the internet to make the process of prospecting sooo much easier. The internet isn’t the problem, it’s people’s unrealistic expectation of what the internet can do for them and in what time frame that gets them into trouble.

It’s this illusion that you can start a home business and just push a few buttons on your phone, and everything will be so automated that cash will just roll into your bank account on autopilot that is the real problem here.

You don’t have to be a door to door salesman to make a home business work anymore. You just have to be willing to put in consistent effort and actually connect with people. Because at the end of the day, this is a people business not a traffic and conversion business.

The Lost Art Of Followup

So what does this actually look like in practice? Well, it could be something like this… Let’s say you purchase some solo ad traffic from a reputable vendor.

You know that just letting an impersonal automated system do all the work won’t get you real results. You know that establishing personal connection is key to getting signups, so you decide to put a name and phone number field on your capture page.

Yes, you will get a few less leads than you would with just an email field. But it’s worth it for the chance to make a personal connection with your prospects. You need a way to build trust with them.


Trust building CAN be done entirely online, but unless you have the ability to build out an entire sophisticated, personalized sales funnel with personal videos, upsells, downsells, social proof, value driven content, etc, you’re better off doing it the old fashioned way.

So you decide to reach out to your prospects. And this is your edge, because most people don’t do this anymore. Remember, everyone wants a push button business, so most people aren’t willing to put in the actual work to build their business up from scratch anymore.

And it’s so easy too. Just leave a 30 second message or have a quick 5 minute conversation to find out what they’re looking for and direct them back to your website.

It’s important not to ever get stuck explaining how your business works to people. Your prospects will be looking at what you do and thinking whether or not they can do it too. No one wants to hard sell people on the phone or explain all the ins and outs of their company to each prospect.

You are just making a quick connection with people who have already expressed an interest so they know you’re real and available, then just get the info they need into their hands. Utilize the online tools and systems available to you and let them do the heavy lifting. Keep things simple because simple is duplicatable.

While you’re on the phone, why not get their Facebook and connect there as well. And if you can’t get them on the phone, send a text. It’s just about connecting and following up. This is how you maximize the value of every lead you get and turn them into sales.

Be Available Everywhere

When you’re building a global business, it pays to have multiple ways for people to connect with you. At the very least you should have email, a Facebook account and Skype. But now a days there are so many other options as well.

Some great ones to consider are Whatapp, Linked In, Snapchat and Instagram.

Traditional Networking In The Digital Age

Even traditional networking can now be accomplished almost entirely over the internet. The most relevant example of this is Facebook. Pretty much everyone on the planet now has a Facebook account, and the platform is built for connecting with people on a personal level.

Facebook provides really intuitive tools to help you meet and network with like minded people and keep in touch with your current contacts.

Use the discover groups feature to find groups of people who might be interested in your business, and then connect with them and prospect them.

Use the mobile messenger app to share and update people on a personal level, even allowing you to send voice messages or call internationally right from Facebook.

And don’t neglect your profile. This is like your business card. Make sure your profile reflects that you are a real person who is serious about their business. Use a real profile picture of yourself. Share pictures and personal things about your life. If you’re comfortable, videos are the best. Just make it easy for people to get to know you and trust you as effortlessly as possible.


Hopefully these tips have given you a better idea of how to build your home business successfully and how to use the internet the right way.

🙂 Shawn Smith


  • Sandra Peoples

    Great article! It is very unfortunate how many new home based business owners think that building a successful business will magically happen overnight. It will not. It takes a ton of hard work and dedication in order to make your own business work. The same dedication you put in at your job, must also be put into building your own business.

    • Absolutely Sandra! That’s a great way to put it. I’ve heard Eric Worre say much the same thing as well; that in the beginning you have to work your business like a job, showing up every day, not quitting early, not skipping days because you don’t feel good. Stay committed and consistent and your business will grow.

  • What is missing is learning how to sort and sift out those who are not qualified. Most people, 70-85% are not interested nor do you want them to be! Who joins, who stays and who plays are what to identify and eliminate everyone else as fast as possible. Most trainings lead people to believe anyone or everyone can do this. Not true. Spend any time talking to those who are hiring people for a J.O.B. and you discover they KNOW who they are looking for and go through lots and lots of people to find the few worthy of their time and money. Networkers need to learn to do the same. Disqualify quickly and move on. Selling people to go look at your product or business in the hope they will become inspired is a form of insanity sold to people who will never succeed. Good luck to all and about 1 out of 100 breathing souls are up for what is ahead. Half or more of those will quit dozens of times before they find what they are looking for. Acorns only produce oak trees. Magical thinking like that proposed using the ‘Law of Attraction’ is mythical for most. Done artfully you can find the few who will work with YOU quickly and easily. You cannot produce bananas from straw.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for the comment. Yes, sorting and sifting is what it’s all about. Looking for those who are ready to make it happen instead of trying to convince those who aren’t.