Internet Marketing Forums – Vol 2.1 Training Part 2

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So far we have covered the pros and cons of entering into internet marketing training via an affiliate program. While this is by far one of the most effective, structured, streamlined approaches to receiving training, it is not the only way.

Next we will go into some free methods that you can use to find quality information on how to market online.


Once you start to develop a base of understanding you will begin to have educated questions that need answering. This is when internet marketing forums can become a huge help. While initially forums may do you more harm than good when you have no idea what information is relevant or what you are even looking for, after you know what to ask you can find invaluable information in forums and even get feedback for questions you ask yourself.

Two internet marketing forums I highly recommend are Digital Point Forums and Warrior Forum. Both of these are internet marketing forums with tons of topics and tons of people who love to contribute to those topics.


Forums are like a melting pot for people and ideas of all shapes and sizes. Here you can glean value from the collective knowledge and experience of thousands of people in a highly targeted, highly focused environment. If you look hard enough you can probably find someone who has already asked almost the same if not the same question you have and if not, you can always ask it yourself.

In a good forum the community will be highly active and eager to share their knowledge with others, newbie and experienced alike. You can easily receive answers to your questions and insights into the industry. And who knows, you may even make some new friends along the way. Plus…it’s free.


Of course when you are searching for information in the forum setting you will find that anyone can voice their opinion regardless of whether their information is correct or not. For this reason you will always want to dig a little deeper to find supporting claims and see what others have to say to make sure you are not going to be following bad advice.

Luckily this is usually a fairly simple process, especially in the more high quality forums. You just have to take the time to read a variety of responses and pick out the things that are constant or that seem to be accepted as common knowledge. Often times when someone does make an inaccurate claim there will be a flurry of responses from many other people pointing out those inaccuracies and clearing things up, so that helps as well when you are looking for good advice.

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