How to Market Online Vol.1 – Getting Serious

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Getting started in the area of internet marketing (whether it be affiliate marketing, marketing your own business online, or simply trying to generate quality traffic back to your website or blog) can prove to be a difficult and confusing task.

There is a veritable overload of information out there on the subject of online marketing and if you are going to navigate those waters successfully and make something out of it you will need to be willing to go about it in a serious manner.

Newbie Syndrome

We all know the feeling. You want to find a way to make some extra money, or maybe even a full-time income, from the comfort of your home working on your computer. You’ve heard about this internet marketing thing and it sounds great, but where do you start?

You’ve done a Google search for internet marketing, online marketing, work at home, and every other search term you can think of, but all you ever get back are convoluted, hyped up sales pages that leave you feeling even more confused than when you started.

Here’s the point where a lot of people simply throw in the towel. They are not serious. They never got past the curious phase and all of the confusion, hype, and frustration of trying to search an ocean of internet information for something they can actually use burnt them out and gave them a bad case of newbie syndrome.

The Cure

This may seem strange but you have to be willing to get serious before you really see any reason to do so. The learning curve can be a steep one, especially if you do not have any people or resources to help guide you and are simply trying to chart your course all on your own. So you have to be serious enough to keep pushing through that beginning stage when it feels like it isn’t going to work and you are just wasting your time.

If you really believe that you can make it happen though, you have won half the battle already. If you can make it through the beginning, the learning stages, you will be able to make it through anything the internet can throw at you.

You need to understand that the internet is simply a set of tools. It is not a place where the strong and talented, those who are the smartest and quickest will succeed and everybody else fails. It is a place where those who succeed are simply those who stick around long enough to master the tools. Anyone can do it!

Foundational Thinking

The decision to make the jump from a casual observer to really digging in and seriously taking action will lay the foundation for your success. It is always harder to get the ball rolling than it is to keep it rolling.

Once you make that mental shift and are able to put enough faith in your ability to make internet marketing work for you to actually do something about it, you will have created the momentum you need to carry you on into success.

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