Why The Most Overlooked Part Of Network Marketing Is Also The Most Important

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When you think about how to earn an income online in 2016, your thoughts probably go straight to things like capture pages, autoresponders, sales funnels, copywriting, etc.

Modern technology has made it incredibly simple for even complete beginners to be able to have their own customized professional looking sales funnel up on the internet in a matter of days.

This is great in some respects, but it also tends to take the focus away from the most important parts of the this business… the parts that will actually make you money.

It Isn’t About Traffic

If you’ve been paying attention to internet marketing training over the last couple of years or so, you’ve probably heard that traffic is THE most important thing when it comes to actually making money online.

Traffic is obviously important… if no one is coming to your website, you can’t make any money. It’s a numbers game, and getting consistent quality traffic is the way to work those numbers.


But even getting traffic has become incredibly easy these days. Facebook is free and there are billions of people on there all day every day. Making connections, striking up conversations, and getting people to your website through Facebook has gotten really easy now with the mobile messenger app.

But even if you don’t want to network in the traditional sense on Facebook, you can simply buy quality traffic any time you want through Solo Ads and other high quality traffic providers (just make sure to do your research first so you don’t end up paying for fake bot traffic).

But traffic itself isn’t the issue. You can have the best traffic in the world, and still make absolutely no money.

It Isn’t About Conversion Rates

So the next logical conclusion is that real success must rely on having a super tight, tested and proven sales funnel that converts traffic into leads at 80% and has the best hypnotic sales copy money can buy with all the button colors split tested into oblivion, etc. etc.


But really… all that stuff doesn’t matter as much as you might think. It DOES matter if you are promoting affiliate products, or building a brand online and creating a fan base. But if you are a network marketer, trying to get people to sign up in your program… this stuff will kill you.

You can spend the next 2 years learning how to craft the perfect sales funnel and at the end of those 2 years you’ll have… a really great sales funnel… that makes you no money.

Here’s What Does Matter

The absolute #1 most important thing to have in place before anything else in this business, is a program and system that can actually produce REAL results for average people.

This is called duplication and if you don’t have it, this business will eat you alive. It took me a long time to really get this.


I spent an enormous amount of time and money learning everything I could about the internet and how to market online. I learned how to get sales, which was great. Only problem is… in the business of network marketing, you don’t make any money unless your team makes money.

I was doing things that NO ONE could learn how to do. Sure, they were working for me, but nobody could duplicate my results. No matter how much training and one-on-one support I provided, it was just too darn complicated.

The only way to do this business is to be promoting something that is simple. That is simple to market. That is simple to duplicate.

And it all has to be built into whatever you’re promoting. If you have to create it all yourself, you will first of all have to be a genius and technical wizard. And second of all, trying to manage it all will suck the life from your soul.

What Else Is Important?

A truly duplicatable system helps to get your team members into profit, which will allow them to stay in the business and actually experience some success. But it’s becoming increasingly common in the internet age to focus totally on getting new members, while devoting almost no time to nurturing the members you already have.


This is a huge mistake. This is another example I think of marketing principles that work for other business models that don’t really belong in network marketing.

If you’re promoting an affiliate product or something, then once you make that sale, your job is done. They have what they paid for and if they have any problems they can contact the product creator.

But network marketing is a people business. It’s about empowering people with what they need to change their lives. That means new people are going to need to plug into something that can help guide and encourage them. And they may want to contact their sponsor once in a while for help.

That’s ok. It really doesn’t take all that much effort to be there for your team.

When it comes to getting people plugged in and trained though, that’s another matter. Again, having a duplicatable system is key. Most people aren’t going to be able to learn complicated processes, so you have to have something that will convert for them using simple strategies.

And people will need a place to belong. They will need training that guides them through the important parts without over-complicating and overwhelming them. This can be kind of an art, so it’s best to plug into a team that already has things like this in place.


Hopefully this post has been able to shed some light on what is most important in your business and what you should and shouldn’t be focusing on. If you got value from this post, feel free to share it and leave a comment.

🙂 Shawn Smith


  • Systems never duplicate. People do. The ONE thing that puts people into action? Inspiration. Money inspires no one for long. Nor does an opportunity that isn’t already what someone is looking for, before you showed it them… No inspiration [you won’t produce for anyone but yourself] people quit.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for the comment. I agree, people need to be inspired. And true inspiration that actually leads to action always has to come from within.