NEO Network Review – Should You Take The Red Pill?

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Update: We’ve actually moved on from NEO as we had some irreconcilable issues with the company they are aligned with. We still think that if NEO can realize the full scope of their vision, they will have much to offer the community. But we are personally no longer involved at this time. Feel free to read through the post if you’re still looking for more info on NEO. And if you’d like to team up with us you can visit our “Partner Page” or simply contact us here and we’ll get you moving toward accomplishing your goals ASAP. You can also visit our testimonials page to get a feel for what it’s like to work with us. Thanks 🙂

What Is The NEO Network?

The NEO Network is a brand new system created by internet success Kris Darty that is an extremely ambitious project.

The overall goal of this system is to literally flip the statistics of the home business industry on it’s head.

We all know that the statistics aren’t very good. The majority of people who start a home business fail within their first 6 months. Only a select few ever see the kind of massive success and freedom that this industry can provide.

The NEO Network is the product of a vision… and that vision is to turn the tables so the majority of people who join actually make money and succeed.

In this NEO Network review we’ll take a closer look at how everything works and help you decide if this system is right for you.

NEO’s Origin Story

Those of us who have built teams in other programs know how hard it can be to watch your team struggle and struggle just trying to break even. It seems sometimes like no matter how much training, tools and support we provide, we just can’t seem to help them breakthrough to success.

I deal with a lot of people every day, good people who really want to better their lives and provide for their families, people who don’t have any other option and need something to come through for them right now… and it can be really tough to see them struggling, trying to do everything they’re told to do but getting no where.

neo network reviewThat’s where Kris Darty was when he first started to get the vision that would eventually become the NEO Network. He had seen massive success in his own business and accomplished all the goals he’d set out to reach, goals like paying cash for a new 13,000 square foot building for his church after the old one had burned down.

But he began to realize that he had found himself in a very small percentile of people who are actually making it. All around him were casualties, people who were burnt out and frustrated, trying as hard as they could to make it, but still falling flat on their face and failing.

And it started to get to him… He actually even went dark for a few months and literally just stopped marketing anything.

A lot of you probably know this story well. Whether you’re the one making money but watching everyone else fail, or you’re on the other side struggling, trying to figure everything out, you can probably relate.

And this isn’t an unusual story either. This is typical of the industry and it is exactly this problem that the NEO Network was created to solve.

NEO Network Review – A Powerful Vision

neo network

The vision behind this system is what drives it and it’s really what attracted me to it in the first place. This is something I can get behind 100 percent because my #1 goal in this business is and always has been to help my team succeed. I’ve made a lot of friends over the years through this industry and I’m really excited about the potential this system has to help them succeed.

When it really comes down to it, what I like best about this business is being able to help people reach levels of success they’ve never had before. When people decide to get into a home business, they’re getting in with a purpose. Maybe they’re trying to put their kids through college or get out of debt. Maybe they’re trying to retire their parents or escape their crummy prison of a job. Maybe they’ve fallen on hard times and need a lifeline to help them survive…

Regardless of their reasons the point is, most people don’t start this business as a hobby or just for something to do. They have a real, sometimes desperate need, and they’re hoping and believing we can help them solve it.

And that’s what I’m passionate about. That’s why I do this and that’s what makes it all worth it. So when I find something like the NEO Network that has the potential to shatter conventional thinking and bring people new levels of success never before seen in this industry… I get excited.

How Does The NEO Network Work?

how neo network worksThe NEO Network is a system and a community built on the simple concept of team building. You are not a lone ranger anymore. It’s no longer you against the world.

Here in this NEO Network review, we’ll show you how it all works…

You’re membership to NEO costs $99 per month. The first 3 months of that membership however are free. This way, by the time you have to start paying for your membership you should easily be making more than enough money to cover it and your membership will essentially be free.

That $99 per month membership fee that everyone in the NEO Network is paying every month goes towards 2 things: administration costs, and team building. They actually take the majority of that membership fee and invest it into building your downline for you!

This is a concept that is practically unheard of and really has the potential to change everything we know about how the game is played.

You then join the business opportunity that NEO is aligned with. This is where the money really comes from as the NEO Network is not actually a business opportunity that pays you commissions. It’s a team building community that helps you build your income in an opportunity they’re aligned with.

And because of those team building efforts you could have ALL of your costs covered very quickly and be into profit before you know it.

That’s a very different model than what you’re probably used to… Usually it goes something like this:

tearsYou join a program and pay every month for 6 months while you’re going through training and trying to learn how to master internet marketing, you get frustrated and overwhelmed, and finally you give up without ever making a dime.

Not a very pretty picture is it?

Now I’m not saying that training is unimportant… far from it. It is absolutely essential for the long term sustainability of your business to acquire the skills of a marketer and entrepreneur, and the NEO Network will have training of this nature.

But the fact is… most people are unable to stay afloat long enough to develop those skills to the point where they can actually use them to make money on their own. So unfortunately, for a lot of people, all that training is rendered completely useless.

The NEO Network however solves this problem, which really opens the floodgates for ANYONE to finally make money online.

It’s About More Than Just You And Me

everybody winsWhat’s so powerful about the NEO Network is that it’s more than just you and me that benefits from this team building atmosphere. Every person you enroll has the potential to have people placed under them as well. The goal here is for EVERYONE to be making money… and it’s a goal we’re taking seriously.

Stop and think for a moment how powerful this could actually be. Imagine an entire army of people who are all making money, who are all excited and passionate about what they’re doing. Sometimes they may not even know exactly how they’re making that money, but what they do know is that their bills are paid and they have you to thank for it because you were the one who told them about NEO.

That’s an army of people who are succeeding, who feel good about telling their friends and family about this because they genuinely feel like they’d be withholding valuable information by not telling them.

Imagine how many people we could help. People who have tried for years to make something happen online but are still struggling to make ends meat. People who are just starting out and have no clue what to do.

The possibilities are endless and by now this review of The NEO Network should be helping you to see the potential of how huge this could really be.

I hope you received some value from this neo network review…

Your Partner in Success,

🙂 Trisha Smith

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