Off Page Seo – Blogging Basics Part 4

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How to do Off Page Seo

After you have chosen a keyword and written an optimized post it is time to start thinking of some off page seo strategies. Basic off page seo has to do mostly with backlinks (links from other places on the web pointing back to your website). These backlinks are important to search engines like Google because they see them as sort of like votes for your website.

Leave Blog Comments

A great way to get some quality backlinks to your own site is to leave blog comments on other relevant blog posts. A good strategy is to type in the keyword your post is targeting into Google and then visit the top 5-10 blogs that show up in the search results. Read through these posts and leave a genuine comment (something of value).

Almost without exception, when you leave a comment there will be a place to enter your own website. Enter the url of the post you are trying to backlink to.

On some blogs, the owner will also have a plugin called comment luv installed. In these cases you will have the opportunity to enter your blog url and have the link and a snippet of your latest post pulled straight into your comment. This is nice because not only do you get a quality back link from a relevant source, but people can actually visit your post as well.

Social Bookmarking

off page seoSocial Bookmarking sites are sites where users can log on and share content from around the web that they find useful or interesting. Using social bookmarking sites is an easy way to get some quick quality backlinks to your site. Some of the more popular of these sites are, and You can also use some of the major social networks like Twitter for this purpose as well.

Once you set up your social bookmarking profiles you can also use a free tool called that allows you to share to several of your profiles from one place.

Social Bookmarking can be a very time consuming process however and it really won’t be very effective unless you are sharing A LOT. Even with tools like you can only share to so many profiles and off page seo is about quantity as well as quality backlinks.

Blogging Communities

off page seoOne option to help syndicate your content more efficiently is to join a blogging community. In a blogging community you will have the benefit of a tribe atmosphere where everyone agrees to check out each others’ posts and make connections, as well as leave comments and share content. This can be a great way to leverage the sharing powers of a tribe as well as make genuine connections with other bloggers.

I have heard good things about a blogging community called TSA Mastery. I haven’t had the chance to check it out myself yet, but it’s worth a look as they seem to stress the need to genuinely reach out to your fellow bloggers and share their content because you want to, as opposed to similar tribe based services where you are basically agreeing to spam each other’s content all over the internet. Seems good in concept. It’s definitely on my list of things to check out.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing is another great way to get quality backlinks to your website. The major names in article marketing are,, and You can submit articles to these sites and include anchor text links containing your post’s keyword back to that post on your website.

However, you cannot submit the same exact article to multiple places on the internet as Google will recognize all but the original as duplicate content, which defeats the purpose. Sites like Ezine Articles also have strict quality control policies and they will most likely reject an article that is a carbon copy of one already on the net elsewhere.

If article marketing sounds like something you would like to make a part of your off page seo strategy you will need article spinning, and submitting software.

Article Spinning

Article spinning is a process where you take an original “seed” article that you have written (like a blog post), plug it into article spinning software, and reproduce hundreds of unique spun articles that should be able to pass Google’s duplicate content filter.

The article spinning software that we recommend using is called The Best Spinner. This is the most intelligent and feature rich software of its kind, ensuring that you will be able to produce quality spun articles with less effort.

The Article submitting software we recommend is called Article Marketing Robot. This software allows you to sign up for hundreds of different article directories and submit spun articles to all of them with a few clicks of the mouse. Article Marketing Robot also comes with its own spinner as well, but it is not as easy to use or intelligent as The Best Spinner.


It’s important to remember that when using automated mass backlinking strategies like article spinning and submitting, you are basically trying to manipulate Google into thinking your posts are more popular than they really are. Google doesn’t like this and they are constantly updating their algorithms to better reflect natural web behavior.

Unfortunately, some SEO manipulation is often necessary to get your content to rank and thus get traffic and sales from your blog posts…but use it sparingly. Try to keep your artificial backlinking activities to a maximum of 100 links a day. There’s no need to draw attention to yourself.

It is also very important post Google Penguin Update to not produce too many backlinks that are using your primary keyword for anchor text. Previously, it was generally accepted that you should make 100% of your backlinks with keyword anchor text. Now though, you should keep it at a maximum of 50%. The other 50% of links should use anchor text that is completely different.

Bottom Line

Leaving comments, social sharing and article marketing are 3 great options for improving your site’s “off page seo”. Joining a blogging community is also a great way to get some exposure to your site as well as generate some genuine shares and comments from like minded bloggers. A multilayered approach to off page seo is key.

Backlinking can be a very time consuming process though. It can definitely be a burden at first and you may find yourself spending a lot of time manufacturing links for yourself through article spinning, social sharing, etc. Once your blog starts to pick up steam though and people are returning and interacting of their own volition, it can take on a life of its own and take care of itself so that you can focus on more important, more productive activities.

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