Hey there, thanks for your interest in teaming up with us! We know choosing the right company to join can be tricky, but we’re here to help.

There’s a lot of stuff out there and, especially if you’re new, it can be difficult to tell a good opportunity from an outright scam.

Below you’ll find the companies that we’ve evaluated and chosen to align ourselves with, along with a brief description of each and a way to get more information.

Browse through and see what you like. If you need help finding the right fit, or you have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

To Our New Partnership,

🙂 Trisha & Shawn

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The Home Business Academy

The Home Business Academy (HBA) is a complete training and coaching system designed by 2 very successful 7-figure earners in the home business industry.

It shows you how to succeed in any business and even teaches you how to capitalize on the huge boom of crypto currency that’s making millionaires practically overnight right now.

HBA is by far the best training platform we’ve come across and costs a fraction of the price of similar systems.

There’s also an optional free affiliate program that allows you to earn $100 per month for every person you refer. HBA has incredible real value, so people tend to stick around. This makes it possible to create a significant residual income very quickly.

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Valentus is a company that is currently experiencing rapid growth. They did $3 million their first year, $32 million their 2nd year, and right now in just their 3rd year of business they’re already on track to hit over $60 million in annual sales.

Great products, combined with a generous compensation plan, make Valentus a very solid and lucrative opportunity.

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National Wealth Center

national wealth centerNational Wealth Center is a program that combines 100% instant commissions with the power of residual income.

With just the first half of NWC’s compensation plan, you’ll make up to $175 per month in residual commissions, for just 1 referral. Get 50 referrals, and you just secured an $8,750 monthly residual income.

That’s life changing money for most people…

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  • These people are amazing! Since I have joined their team, they have given me so much time and consideration with every question, phone call and email I fire at them. I appreciate Trisha and Shawn more than they will ever know! If you are looking for support, encouragement, superb training and mentors that care, this is the team for you…–Linda Morriss

  • My wife and I are new to this business. Trisha and her son Shawn have been so helpful to us. Trisha is a real team leader. They are so patient, polite, and kind. I thank God that he allowed us to meet and be on the same team.–William Onidas

  • Trisha and Shawn thanks for all the help you have given me. Thanks for helping me make my first money online and more to come.–Paula Foy

  • Trisha and Shawn, thanks so much. You have given me the best support and help that one could ever ask for. I feel more confident than I’ve ever felt before about being in a home based business, for I know I will succeed. Thank God for the both of you. –Ron Febba

  • In the over 50 years that I have been in this industry I have never had a sponsor or been on a team that has provided this much support and training. Thanks for all the help. You guys are awesome!!!!!!!! –Pastor Don

  • Now… I know we made the right decision to join forces with Trisha and Shawn. They are responsive, down-to-earth and well informed when it comes to online marketing. You will enjoy working with them!–Peter Cianci

  • Thank you Trisha and Shawn for your help.I did not find any company that put their time and effort how both of you do. Send a email or call you answer my questions anytime.Because I am not a expert in computer and I am not familiar with some Internet networking terminology than I could not find the help what I needed before. Trisha and Shawn are very knoledgeable persons regarding Internet network marketing .If your a begginner with Internet network marketing call them and you will find the answer. Thank you again for your help.

  • Joseph Juhant

    Oh yeah Trisha has been great help she’s easy to talk to and will answer questions anytime..I’ve been wanting to do internet marketing for sometime now..Now that I found Trisha and Shawn things things will start happening ..Thanks Trisha

  • Trisha is buoyant ,cheerful, optimistic, bright and instantaneously spontaneous helpful woman easily approachable.

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  • mongatane

    Some of the programs don’t support our country South Africa

    • Hi Mongatane, enjoyed chatting with this afternoon. Please review the info I sent regarding our global opportunities and I look forward to reconnecting soon. 🙂