Q & A Training With Peter Wolfing, Dr. Stan Harris & Trisha Smith

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Hey guys, we just finished part 2 of a Q & A style training Tuesday night that was packed with value.

We answer some of the most common questions we get from prospects and team members and also address some of the major issues you’re likely facing in your business right now.

Leverage our experience with this free training.

Some of the questions we cover in this training are:

1. “There are so many compensation plans out there. What’s the best one for me?”
2. “I have no time to do my business.  I have two jobs, 3 kids and a husband.  How can I do it?”
3. “I hate to sell.  Can I really do this business?”
4. “I am part of the NFL Club “No Friends Left” (how appropriate with the NFL playoffs going on now).  What can I do to make it?”
5. “I have no money to build my business.  Are there ways I can build it that won’t cost me lots of money?”
6. “I hear of so many people that do three or more programs at once. Should I do multiple MLM’s or just one?  What would you recommend?”
7. “What are your thoughts about the “Team Build” method of building a business?”
8. “I work all day on my business but I don’t seem to be getting anything done.  What gives?”
9. “Is it best for me to go full or part time”.
10. ” I am so afraid when I go to call prospects.  How can I overcome that?”
11. “How do I know if I should stick with a method or business longer or quit it and move on?”
12. “What do you say when you talk to someone about the business?”
13. “I am in tons of debt. How can I get started?”
14. “I’m new and just getting started. What am I supposed to say if someone asks me how much money I’ve made?”
15. “How can I make this work if I don’t have a success story or any prior success?”
16. “What would you do if someone says ‘if you really believe in this business why don’t you pay my way in and I’ll pay you back (with interest) when I make money?'”
17. “What do you say if someone says I don’t want to take time to look at the website or listen to a presentation. I just want you to explain it all to me. Just tell me what’s this all about?”

You can access both parts of this training right here…

Part 1

Part 2

Let me know what you thought of the training in the comments below and what you might like to hear on future trainings. We typically hold a generic training call of this sort every Tuesday night.

To Your Success,

🙂 Trisha Smith


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