If You’re Buying Traffic You Need To Read This First

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So much of building an online business has been automated these days, that it’s easy to forget the fundamentals of what actually creates success in this industry.

When you’re buying automated traffic and sending it to an autoresponder that sends out automatic followup letters, that then sends them to an automatic webinar presentation, that then takes them through an automated sales process… it can start to feel like success should be automatic as well.

So then why are so many home business entrepreneurs struggling, feeling like no matter how much traffic they throw at their sales funnel it just never seems to work. They get leads, but those leads never turn into sales. Why?

Where’s The Trust?

The problem with sending cold traffic to an automated sales funnel is that there is absolutely no trust whatsoever between you and those prospects.


If you create your own sales funnel, meaning YOU are the one talking in the videos, it’s your story on the page, it’s you all the testimonials are referring to as a leader, then you CAN create trust with prospects in a completely automated way.

But even then, without making ANY personal connection at all with your prospects, your conversion rates are still going to be pretty low.

So how do you think the average person who has absolutely no credibility at all, who’s just marketing a replicated sales funnel to cold traffic is going to do…

It’s Not The Traffic’s Fault

It’s easy to blame the traffic, thinking that it’s the traffic source that’s the problem and they’re not bringing you decent people who are actually looking for a home business.

And in some cases, you might be right. Particularly if you’re running solo ads with people you’ve never used before, as many solo sellers will literally send you fake bot traffic that submits info in your page making you think you’re getting real leads.

But, if you’re using a decent traffic source, one that other people are getting results using and it’s just not working for you, then it’s not the traffic that’s the problem.

The Fortune Is STILL In The Followup

There’s an old saying that goes “the fortune is in the followup”. This isn’t just a throwback to the old days of cold calling and lead lists. The fortune is STILL in the followup.


But wait, isn’t that what an autoresponder is for? Yes and No.

An autoresponder is great for repeat exposure. It automatically presents your offer to your prospect several times over the course of weeks and months. This is important because people need to see an offer multiple times before they will pay attention to it.

But… getting autoresponder letters that send your prospects back to the same offer over and over again is a bit like seeing the same billboard every day on your way to work. Sure, one day you might finally notice it and who knows, you might even remember it for more than 30 seconds.

But this business of network marketing is a relationship business. People will not pull out their credit card unless they trust the person they are about to give their money to and they believe there’s a reasonable chance that they’ll get back more than they’re about to spend.

You just can’t build that kind of trust with a series of bland autoresponder letters and a sales page.

Connecting The Dots

So… how do you build that trust. There are many ways to do this, but here are some ideas that are effective and easy to implement.

1) Send broadcasts to your prospects. In addition to those autoresponder letters, why not send out a few manual emails each week that are more personal and timely. Talk about things that are going on right now. Keep them informed of promotions and events. Invite them to webinars and conference calls. Tell them about success stories you, your team, or others in your company are experiencing.

2) Connect with them on social media. Facebook is a great way to connect with people and build the kind of relationships that establish trust. Always include links to your FB profile in your emails and invite them to connect. Search on FB for their name or phone number and if you find them, send them a friend request.

3) If you’re collecting phone numbers, which I highly recommend you do, give them a quick call to introduce yourself. Let them know you’re available and refer them back to the important info they need to review. This typically takes 30 seconds to a few minutes and can drastically increase your conversion rates, as well as long term customer value.

4) Send them a text. People don’t always check their email as regularly as they once did, but everyone has a smartphone with them 24/7. Often times, sending a quick text will get your prospect’s attention far better than an email will.

5) Be relentless and Go for NO. There’s a difference between being relentless in your followup and being obnoxious. You don’t have to be a Shamwow salesman and beat your prospects over the head with your opportunity. But you want to be super tight on your followup and don’t let your prospects off the hook until they tell you Yes or NO.

You want them to either open the door or close it. Getting a NO is a good thing because that’s one more person you can cross off your list and focus your energy on other people who might say YES.

And remember that NO for now doesn’t necessarily mean No forever. Things change in people’s lives and those No’s might very well turn into Yes’es sometime down the road. Keep the door open and stay consistent and committed in your business. It’s not uncommon for people to join with you months or even years later.


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