Free Tools


jingJing is a powerful screen capture software that gives you the ability to snap a picture of anything that you can see on your computer screen. The possibilities for this tool are endless and it can increase your productivity immensely.

One example is using Jing in combination with PowerPoint to create custom images. Just arrange pictures, text, background, etc. how you want them in PP and then simply use Jing to snap a quick picture of your work. This is an easy way to create simple multi-layered images without the need for image editing knowledge or expensive software.

Jing is also able to record screen capture video for up to 5 minutes.


hootsuiteHootSuite is a social network streamlining tool that allows you to manage multiple social network accounts including FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, all from a single integrated dashboard.

Send a single message out to all your social networks at once, schedule that message to post at a later date or set up an RSS feed to post automatically.

They also have a premium version if you need to add more accounts.


kompozer Kompozer allows you to create web pages with a WYSIWYG editor. This software actually isn’t actively updated anymore, so it can only write web pages in html4. These days, there are also tons of drag and drop page builders out there that make it really easy to create nice modern web pages.

But, if you’re looking for a free way to create some simple web pages that can be uploaded to any server, Kompozer still works and I still use it myself for that purpose.


SEOquakeSEOquake is a free browser add-on available for Firefox and Google Chrome that allows you to see the keyword density, source code, Alexa ranking and many other useful SEO parameters for any web page you desire, straight from your browser bar.

You can use this tool to measure the on page SEO for any page of your site, or even just to scope out the competition. All around this is a very useful free tool.


photobucketPhotobucket is a free image hosting service that allows you to easily upload, edit, share and embed images over the internet.

Very useful service if you don’t have a hosting account of your own and the editing and resizing options are very helpful and easy to use as well.


7 Zip 7-Zip is a free tool that allows you to unzip file types that your operating system normally wouldn’t be able to work with. This is helpful if you’re working with things like gziped backups of your website.


icon finder Icon Finder is a website that has thousands of free high quality icons that you can download and use to make your webpages more interesting. Before you use an icon commercially though you should check its copyright.


Dropbox is a neat little service that allows you to upload up to 2gb of data for free, that you can then sync between computers, share with others, etc. It has a very slick interface and it’s about as user friendly as you can get.


Color Cop Color Cop is a handy little tool that gives you an eyedropper that you can place on any pixel on your screen. It then gives you the exact HTML hex value as well as the RGB values. If you do any kind of design work, this tool can save you a ton of time matching colors across a project.

One tip though is to make sure you click the “direct download” link. If you use the default installer you will have to be careful not to download all the extra offers included.


Screencsat o matic Screencast-O-Matic is a free video screen capture software. In the free version you can record up to 15 minutes of video. If you’re going to be using it though, you might as well get the premium version for $15 per year. With the premium version, all restrictions are removed and you also get a full suite of editing tools.

The features of this software will not be quite as robust as something like Camtasia… but that’s to be expected at $15 per year. But it’s still a very powerful piece of software that will likely do everything you need it to do.


wistia-logo Wistia is a video hosting service that has a style all their own. YouTube is great… until your videos get flagged and your account gets terminated. And Vimeo flat out prohibits home business related content per their terms and conditions.

Wistia is a great alternative offering amazing customer support, entertaining tutorial videos, helpful statistics, and affordable pricing for those with moderate video hosting needs.

With a free account, you get 200gb per month of bandwidth. That’s more than most video hosting companies give you for a paid account.


vlc-logoVLC is a free media player that makes a great alternative to Windows Media Player.

It’s fast and includes loads of extra functionality like the ability to convert video and audio into different formats. It’s also not buggy like WMP can be, so that’s nice as well.


handbrake-logoHandBrake is an extremely useful program that you need to use if you host any video online. HB will shrink the size of your videos, saving you tons of money in bandwidth charges.

I’ve saved as much as 80% on a video encoded by HB compared to the original file size. There are tons of options, but in most cases you can simply click “web optimized” and the defaults are fine.


subtle patternsSubtle Patterns is a website with a ton of really slick background designs that you can browse and download for free. These backgrounds can be used for anything and will add a lot of depth to your designs. is a free online service that will compress your images, reducing the file size without any noticeable loss in quality. The smaller the images on your website are, the less time it takes to load them in your viewer’s browser, which will help to improve overall site performance.


tinypngTinyPNG is another service that will compress your images. They do a better job with some types of images than for some reason. They also allow you to upload multiple images at once. Of the 2, TinyPNG is probably the better service.


unbounce-logoUnbounce has a great blog that is full of helpful tips on conversion, copywriting and other marketing topics. This is a great free resource and there’s a lot you can learn here. is a website that allows you to create your own custom background patterns. There are tons of different options and you can create some really cool stuff that fits exactly what your project needs in just a few minutes. For a demo, I created that sample background over there in about 10 seconds.


savefromEver seen a really cool Youtube video or heard a Soundcloud audio that you wish you could easily download to your computer and save forever? lets you do just that. You can easily download media from many such sites. Just be careful if you intend on re-purposing that content as much of it will likely be copyrighted.


awesome-screenshotAwesome screenshot is a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to take a screen capture image of your browser. What makes this so useful is that you can take screenshots of an entire webpage, not just what is currently visible.


team-viewer-logoTeam Viewer is a free screen sharing service that allows you to remotely connect to another person’s computer and even control their computer. This is extremely helpful for working with your team. This is the best screen share service I’ve used.


join-me-logoJoin Me is another screen sharing service. I always used to use this until I discovered Team Viewer. In my experience, Join Me is a lot slower and the setup process is more complicated, but it’s another option if Team Viewer doesn’t work for you for whatever reason.