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Video Maker FX

videomakerfx-blue-logo If you’ve ever wondered how people make those cool animation style videos and thought it would be awesome to have those for your own business… Video Maker FX is for you.

VMFX is a piece of software that allows you to create professional quality animation style videos in a matter of minutes.

This is an extremely versatile product. You can create Kinetic Text style videos, character animation videos, slide presentation videos, Sketch animation videos… you name it, you can do it with this software.

The power of VMFX is amazing. What would take hours to do in a traditional video creation/editing program, you can do in minutes here. And you don’t have to have a degree in video editing to make it work either. It’s all point and click simple.

What’s also very impressive about this product is the level of support provided by the creator. There are training videos, live webinar demos with Q & A, a support team that actually gets back to you, regular updates to the software itself, etc.

It’s pretty hard not to love this software.

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Check out this cool video that only took a few minutes to create with VMFX…



ezs3-logoEZS3 is a premier video hosting solution for business.

Free sharing sites like Youtube & Vimeo are great for those who only want to upload personal videos. But when you get into hosting videos for business, especially in the home business industry, you need something a little more flexible.

EZS3 does not actually host your video content. Your video content is hosted on Amazon’s dirt cheap and infinitely scalable “Simple Storage Service” or S3. EZS3 then provides tools for creating video and audio players for embedding and delivering your digital content, as well as providing a more user friendly way to manage that content.

EZS3 is the most integrated solution I’ve found for Amazon S3. They even allow you to take advantage of Amazon’s Streaming Cloudfront service to stream your content to viewers. They charge a flat fee of $20 per month.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and infinitely scalable solution to your video and audio hosting needs, EZS3 might be for you.

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wistia-logo If you have moderate bandwidth needs (meaning you won’t go much over 200GB per month) then there really is no better video hosting solution than Wistia.

They have the most user-friendly interface you’ll find, tons of helpful tutorial videos, a reliable player that will work on any device, helpful analytics, and they give you 200GB of bandwidth with a free account.

If you think you’ll go over the 200GB bandwidth limit, or you want to host audio files and embed audio players on your site, then EZS3 is the clear choice. For everyone else, you can’t go wrong with Wistia.

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