“Do You Really Provide Support & Training For Your Team?”

When joining a new business, it’s essential to get an answer to this question and pick your team wisely so you know you’ll get the help and support you need to succeed.

Let’s be honest; there are a lot of options out there when it comes to picking a team to work with, and if you’re on this page right now you’re probably in the process of shopping around.

We want you to know that we are committed to the success of our team members…but really, you don’t know us from any other joe schmo on the internet, and we all claim to be the best thing since sliced bread, right? 😉

Well that’s why we’ve created this testimonials page. We wanted this to be an open forum for our team members to write whatever they want about their experiences working with us. Anyone can post their testimonials below, but be aware that any fake posts or spam will be promptly deleted.

To Our Team

A special thank you goes out to our team members who took time out of their day to share their thoughts here, it is much appreciated! 🙂

If you would like to leave a testimonial of your own, you can do so by using the comments box at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in leaving a video testimonial, please contact us.




  • Derek Williams

    Hi Trisha
    Thanks for being so patient with me in my singiningup looking forward to a long working reliationship Thank you Derek Williams

  • Ben Bailey


    Early in the Morning
    before the dew hits the ground
    Or the sun shows its face
    Superstars rise up
    And join the daily race
    We start the computer
    Get on facebook to
    Trying to connect
    with that long lost Networker
    That does not know what to do
    We send them encouragement
    Advice and an inspirational
    video or two
    we try to make their life
    Just a little bit better
    And even push real hard
    To make them a Internet gogetter
    So as you sip your coffee
    and munch on a donut or two
    Just remember
    There is someone out here
    That Has help for even you

    B. Bailey

  • Antonio E Angus

    Hi Trisha, thank you very much for walking me through after I joined the team. I am so grateful for the complete guidance you accorded me.

  • Michael Pratt

    Hi my name is Mike Pratt
    Ive just joined Solid Wealth Systems. Working with Trisha has been an experience. She is very knowledgeable about setting up an internet business. If you can go with her.

  • Feli Latosquin

    Hi! I am Feli M. Latosquin. I joined this team , my upline is Trisha Smith, She is a wonderful , wonderful lady that help me a great deal, a great help, she is very experience in this Buisness. I thank so much
    Shawn & Trisha for all your help , Thank you Thank you, & God will reward you for helping me.

  • Ron Campbell

    Hey, Ron Campbell here. What news! I won’t be sleeping tonight. I love the great news! Can’t wait til May-1. This team is better than any BECAUSE OF TRISHA. Thanks so much for the set-up! WOW, busy as she is, found time for me…. IMPRESSIVE. I Love being on THIS TEAM!

  • Jika Tan

    Hi Trisha Smith, with all sincerity, I do appreciate you go out of your way to GUIDE/SHOW me How and What to do to get start. Without your GUIDE there is no way I will be able to go on thank a million. Jika Tan

  • Albert Farria

    Hi my name is Albert Farria. I’ve tried a few businesses on the internet but I’ve always been left high and dry with no support to help me in the business I was seeking. Until I found this team headed by Trisha Smith who showed me how to operate within the business. Not only for me to prosper but also for the business to prosper under her guidance.

  • Jika Tan

    Hi Greeting to everyone. I am new with NWC only manage to start learning. I am delighted to be able to join under the TRISHA’s Team and look forwards to learn from everyone to guide me. I have been in and out of many program/system money and time wasted. I still got a lot to learn and are sure with her Team I do see some success in near future.

  • Rafaela

    I have no idea how I stumbled upon NWC, but when opportunity knocks “open the door”. I did my due-diligence and confirmed that this is a phenomenal business opportunity; I joined on 4/22/15. I contacted Trisha to introduce myself and knew instantly I was part of a fantastic team simply because of her pleasant disposition. I upgraded around 9:15 pm on 4/23/15 and left a message for Trisha that night and to my surprise she called back that same nigh at 10:28 pm to help me setup my system. Her knowledge and patience was impeccable. Trisha went over and above, and i say this because by the time she completed my setup and answered my questions, it was well after 11:30pm.

    Trisha then explained that the next step was for her on Shawn to set up my sales funnel and that it can take 24 to 48 hours. Again, to my surprise Shawn completed the setup on 4/24/15 before 6 pm on Friday. Trisha and Shawn are both phenomenal individuals. I am very lucky, blessed and proud to have joined NWC when I did. I am also comfortable knowing I have someone like Trisha
    to reach out to if ever I need help. Blessings to Trisha and Shawn!

  • Vernice Steward

    Hi Trish, thank you for being patient with me today and helping me to get started. Vernice Steward

  • Vickie Gulics

    Omg! Trish is amazing. I am not good when it comes to computers. Trish and her son took the time to help me get my whole page set up. This process would normally only take 15 minutes, Trish spent 2 1/2 hrs on the phone with me. Got thrown out so many times! Thank you Trish you are amazing.

  • A Wilson

    If your aren’t up at 1-2 o’clock in the morning building your team then YOU ARE NOT A MARKETER!!
    Thank you Trisha for the late night “masterminds”! This is how you BUILD and LEAD!

  • Deborah Lynn

    FINALLY…..I found a sponsor who is actually there for me! Thank you Trisha, for all the help you gave me today! I am grateful for you and for your giving and kind spirit!

  • Cheri Flaming

    Thank you so much Trisha for answering all of my questions so promptly. And, I also want to thank Trisha and Shawn for my sales funnel – it’s awesome! I’m looking forward to our continued business relationship! 🙂

  • Rico Livingston

    Any questions you may have or concerns getting started online Trisha’s oh so fine!

  • Gloria Dåvila

    I’m amazed at the support provided by Trisha. Unbelievable that someone at her level would reach out and personally assist me with patience and utmost respect for my schedule and limitations. I look forward to being a part of this awesome team.

  • Dwayne Long

    I was surprised at the amount of time that Trisha spent helping me get set up. I have been in a lot of programs and never had this kind of support!

  • Nicole Powers

    Thank You!!! I have never experienced such support! To say Trisha has helped me is an understatement. During the “process” she was very helpful and patient! Thank you both Trisha and Shawn for simplifying the entire $ucce$$ process. Here’s to NEW BEGINNINGS

  • Tom Dutcher

    I contacted Trisha for help in getting started with a fabulous program with which she and her son Shawn were gloriously helpful in getting the job done. I am so grateful for the help they gave me as I am 83 years old and new to the internet.

  • Elmer Graves

    I’ve started a lot of businesses in the past but never followed through with any of them until now. After meeting Trisha and getting started with her I now feel like I have the confidence to finally follow through and see success. Looking forward to a future with this.

  • Nicole Nicosia

    Wow….I have never had such amazing support and Trisha is so patient. I have learned so much and am actually following through. I am so grateful to have found this opportunity and look forward to working on this business. Thank you so much Trisha and Shawn.

  • Diane Kelley

    Trisha is by far the most patient person I have ever worked with. She makes the whole process more fun and not so scary. You know your in good hands working with her and her team. Thank you Trisha and I look forward to meeting you one day

  • Harold Gray

    I had plenty of help. I am 78 years old and have had no computer training…there was no way I could have done this by myself and I am looking forward to working with y’all.

  • Billie McClain

    I am really amazed and very thankful for the help that Trisha has given me in getting started. This is a great business to join.

  • Bradley Lang

    i am not real knowledgeable with more complex features of computers . however, thanks to Trisha and her remarkable patience i was
    able to get my sales funnel set up . Here i have an opportunity i’ve never had before because of the compassion and professionalism
    these people have showed me.

  • James Flowers

    I’m very new to computers and I know there’s no way I could have even gotten started without the help Trisha gave me. She is the most patient person I’ve ever worked with and I’m grateful to be on her team. Thanks Trish.

  • Marthina Manick

    A fantastic fountain of information. Trisha has showed me things I never knew existed, boy am I glad we met!. I truly appreciate her patience and understanding.

  • Stephen Lucas

    Wow!!! Trisha has been incredibly helpful!! I’m so excited to be a part of this wonderful team. Trisha’s expertise has really helped me…I look forward to working with her in the future!!!

  • Jose Abad

    I’d like to sincerely and publicly thank Trisha for her outstanding and long-suffering patience. Through several obstacles and circumstances out of her control we tried various times and in different days to sign up. Finally culminating on a three hour meeting, taking her even to after midnight hours to get it all done. This is a virtue not readily found, highly sought, and strongly valued when enjoyed. If for no other reason other then to experience the understanding and warm personality of Trisha; I would highly encourage everyone to consider giving this business a serious look. I myself and anxious and excited to trod the new path into which this business, with God’s help, will lead me into.