How MMA Can Make You A Better Marketer

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If you’re into sports at all, you might know something about MMA (Mixed Martial arts), or most likely it’s most popular venue the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

MMA is a fighting style that has quickly become one of the most effective forms of self-defense, as well as one of the most exciting combat sports in the world.

What makes it so effective is that it takes the best techniques from other disciplines and streamlines them into a single fighting style.

In other words… it focuses on what actually works in combat situations, and strips out the rest.

MMA For Internet Marketers

Very similarly, you can and should apply this same principle to your business. MMA in this context stands for (Money Making Activities).

Spend some time getting back to basics and identify what your core money making activities are.

Here are my current MMA’s:

1) Increase traffic to my sales funnel.
2) Increase conversions on my capture page.
3) Develop a rapport with my list.
4) Go through regular training to become a better marketer.
5) Help my team to duplicate.

How To Jiu Jitsu Your Business

Knowing what makes you money and what doesn’t gives you leverage. In Jiu Jitsu, the right leverage allows a smaller and weaker person to defeat a larger and stronger one with ease.

The same thing applies to your business…

Ever felt like you’re spinning your wheels all day and getting no where? Does it sometimes feel like there’s just too much to get done each day and it never really seems to amount to anything?

If so, I’d be willing to bet you’re not focusing on the right things. Try using the leverage of a list of MMA’s (money making activities) to focus your efforts and use your time wisely.

If what you’re doing doesn’t fit into your list of MMA’s, simply stop doing it, and if it’s something that needs to be done, come back to it later AFTER you’ve done something that actually moves your business forward.

There’s Only So Many Hours In The Day

There are only so many hours in each day that you can devote to building your business. Each hour you decide to dedicate to your business needs to be a laser focused hour of intense massive action directed towards one of your MMA’s.

This is how you collapse time in your business. The more you pack into each hour, minute and second you spend in your business, the less hours it will take to reach your goals… and that’s really the point isn’t it? Time freedom…

This concept is simple to understand, but difficult to implement. It take discipline to organize your thoughts and organize your day around a core set of MMA’s.

If you do it though, I believe it’ll make a serious difference in your business.

For me personally, it’s when I follow this principle that I see real growth in my business, so I know it works.

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  • chuks

    quite educating and encouraging article, good work Trisha and Shawn, thanks

    • Thanks for stopping by Chuks, glad we could help!

  • scott moore

    You hit the nail on the head…distractions get the best of us all…I will be buying more solos soon and continue to use viralurl…I am about to get back in with an upscaled effort again…

    Shawn, I hope you are feeling much better

    Scott Moore

    • Hey Scott, thanks for the comment. I’m recovering from surgery well. Still have to be careful, but it’s amazing how well I can move around after such a major procedure. Glad to hear you will be getting back into the swing of things soon. Get in touch if you need any help.