The Power Of A Good Plan

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Hey guys, I just did a company training for Ultimate Cycler all-in members a few days ago and wanted to share a really cool video with you.

(If you’re currently all-in with UC and missed the training, don’t worry, they will all be recorded and available in your back office)

My good friend Peter Wolfing (owner of Ultimate Cycler) was inspired to make a quick video today with some of the things I talked about in that training.

Very cool stuff… check it out!

If you haven’t joined Ultimate Cycler yet, now’s a great time to do so. In just 5 months we already have 30,000 active members and we’ve paid out $2.6 mill. in 100% commissions, and we’re just getting started…

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trisha smith

PS… Have questions for me? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help 🙂

  • James Aiman

    Trisha, Wonderful video and educative. The system and process is very very important to follow and achieve success. Thanks for the motivating video.

    • Appreciate the comment James. Glad you enjoyed the video.

  • obi pius

    Trish i am from nigeria and i just registered under you..i haven’t been directed to pay anybody says the person haven’t upgraded.. My question it necessary to bring anybody.. What if i dont have any body to bring??? Will your team help me? Since i am registered under you

    • I see you in my back office and I will send you an email to the gmail address you signed up with regarding this.

      Here is the answer to the second part of your question:
      In a compensation plan like this there is always the chance that your entire matrix can be filled just through spillover from the person above you. They would have to fill your first level, then the people they brought in would have to fill your second level. But that is never something you should count on as you can never be sure what the person above you is going to do, and even if you do get some spillover, you never know if those people will do anything either.