The Real Reason Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work

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If you’ve been trying to learn how to make some extra income online, or even how to transition to a full time work from home career, you may have at one time or another found yourself frustrated and feeling like what you’re doing isn’t working.

It’s at this point of frustration that a lot of people give up. They may not outright quit, but since what they’re currently doing obviously isn’t working, they do the only sensible thing… they abandon that method, company, advertising source, training, etc. and look for something new that will actually work.

This seems like the logical thing to do. Who wants to waste their time doing things that aren’t producing any results? But following this pattern of behavior will actually ensure that you stay frustrated, struggling, and never seeing any real success in your business…

Why Nothing Works

Building a new business involves a process of plant/cultivate/harvest. In the beginning, all you’re doing is planting. Every action you take is like planting a seed in your business that will yield you a harvest of success later on.

But it’s that later on part that’s the problem. People who get discouraged and give up right away don’t have faith in the process.

If you were to find yourself holding the best possible training available, training that had been proven to take ordinary people from broke to millionaires, that spelled out exactly what you needed to do, it still might not seem like it was working for you… at least not at first.

Even if you’re doing the exact right actions you need to succeed, you still won’t see much results from those actions today or tomorrow.

It takes time for your efforts to compound and for momentum to build. The experience you’re having in your business right now, good or bad, is always the result of the work you did (or didn’t do) earlier.

You Can’t Be Successful Today

One of the illusions that keeps us from taking those actions consistently and creating momentum is the idea that success is possible right now today. People are always looking for a breakthrough. That one special thing that they’ve been missing that, when found, will instantly propel them into the success they’ve been longing for.

Unfortunately, that kind of a breakthrough is a myth. Breakthroughs do often seem to happen suddenly, but that “sudden” breakthrough is actually the result of consistent effort being applied for a period of time.

The problem with believing in the instant breakthrough, is that it keeps you from taking those small actions today that over time would actually create a REAL breakthrough for you.

If you want to create real results, you have to begin viewing your daily actions through the lens of time and compound interest. You have to be able to look into the future and focus on the real success you can create there through consistent effort, not the imaginary success you wish you could have now.

Why Everything Works

Even proven strategies need time to work. It’s not necessarily the strategy you’re implementing, or the program your working that’s the problem. It might just be that you need to keep at it longer.

If you’re going to really give something a shot at working, you need to be committed to focusing on it seriously for at least 6 months.

That means if you’re going to try Facebook marketing, you need to commit to being on Facebook for a set amount of time every single day, consistently reaching out to people, learning how others are building their business on FB, going through training, etc. for at least 6 months.

Jumping around from thing to thing every time you get a bit discouraged is like sabotaging your own business, because you never give anything enough time to start working.

You can’t say you’ve tried something and it didn’t work until you’ve actually given it a chance to really work.

🙂 Shawn Smith