How Spinal Surgery Taught Me The True Value Of This Business

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Hey guys, if we’re friends on Facebook then you probably already know that my son went in for surgery last Wednesday to remove a tumor on his spine.

It’s been a crazy week and it’s times like this that really make you stop and take a look at what you have to be thankful for.

I was on the NWC call the other night and Peter Wolfing asked me kind of spur of the moment to share a little of what’s been going on with me this past week.

I wanted to share that with you now, because what I say here is what it’s all about. It isn’t just about the money… it’s about a better way of life that allows us to have things like the blessing of time freedom when we most need it.

I realized this week, more than any other time before, how blessed I am to be in the home business industry.

I was literally able to spend 4 full days in the hospital with Shawn, being his personal nurse, and my business didn’t even skip a beat.


Shawn & I at the hospital just after surgery.

In fact, an extra $1,000+ came in over those 4 days completely automatically without any involvement on my part at all.

It made me realize that this is why I do this business… because this business is literally a lifeline for so many people out there who have no options and no hope. People who need change, but have no vehicle to get them there.

It takes work to build this business… it isn’t a magic trick. But what I always try to get through to people is that you’re working anyway right now, right?

If you’re like most people, you’ll clock in tomorrow at a job and be expected to give them a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.

We all have to work hard, it’s a part of life.

The difference between this business and a job is that here, you’re putting your efforts into something that gives you a future instead of just a paycheck.

Here, you’re putting in some hard work in the beginning and building something that will run itself later on.

You just have to look at the big picture.


Your Partner In Success,

🙂 Trisha Smith