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What is Ultimate Cycler?

Ultimate Cycler is a home-business program created by Peter Wolfing that’s been designed to be easy to get started with and quick to get you into profit.

It’s a 2×2 cycler with a direct member-to-member compensation plan that allows for 100% instant payout on commissions. There are 7 matrix levels to earn from, but your out-of-pocket expense is only a 1-time $25.

Check out this recently recorded call for more details.

Those are some pretty impressive highlights…but let’s dig a little deeper and really break it down.

The Compensation Plan

ultimate cycler reviewIf you’re reading this review right now, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re interested in how this program can make you money, right? So first things first, we’ll start with the comp plan.

“I’ve experienced the power of this type of comp plan first-hand. There was one company in the 25 years I’ve been in this industry that allowed me to see $5,000 days…and it was this exact same comp plan right here…”

It all starts with a 1-time $25 to get into your first matrix. Depending on how you choose to build, this may be the only payment you will ever have to make, everything else can come out of profit. This 1-time $25 payment gets you access to the back office, all the products, the marketing system, etc, etc.

Your matrix has 2 levels consisting of 6 spots (2 on the 1st level, 4 on the second). Your second level is your payline. So when a slot is filled on your second level, either by your efforts or someone else’s, you earn 100% of those commissions…or in this case $25. So each $25 matrix pays out $100 ($25 X 4). When all 6 spots are filled, you cycle out and have the option to activate another matrix and get paid all over again.

There are also 6 higher level matrixes ($50, $100, $200, $400, $800 and $1,600) which all function the exact same way. You do not have to pay any extra money to upgrade to these higher levels if you don’t want to either, just pay for it out of profit. Of course the fast track is to position yourself in all 7 matrixes right away, but the option to start at the $25 level and work your way up through profits is there if needed, which is great.

The fact that this is a 1-time pay program with no monthly fees, only costs $25 to get started, and pays 100% instant commissions means people will jump on this and you can easily start seeing multiple cycles per day.

You can actually get all in, find 2 who find 2 who do the same and immediately earn up to $12,700 with just 6 peoplepretty amazing!

If you’re new to compensation plans, all of this might sound a bit confusing. But don’t worry, I assure you it’s simple once you get it. Here’s a comp plan video from the owner Peter Wolfing that goes over everything in detail. Watch it a few times if you need to…however long it takes for you to really get how powerful this comp plan really is.

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The Products

productsUltimate Cycler features an educational product suite in which modules can be unlocked by spending credits. Every time you purchase a product level, you are purchasing credits that can be used for banner advertising, or to unlock the training modules that interest you most.

This way, you aren’t tied down by a pre-determined package of training. You can pick and choose what you want to learn and when.

Peter Wolfing also specializes in internet marketing and lead generation tools and he’s provided some of his most popular offerings for free to Ultimate Cycler members. Among these are a lead scraper and a phone broadcaster. I’ve actually paid nearly $400 for similar products in the past.

All things considered, you get a ton of value for $25…

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The Marketing System

Pretty much every opportunity these days comes with some sort of “turn-key” marketing system. Usually this only consists of a single capture page and maybe an autoresponder system…not much to look at.

Not only that, but quite often there’s an extra cost (sometimes monthly) to use these systems too. And if you don’t already know how to build your own sales funnels…you’re pretty much stuck footing the bill if you want to make anything happen.

marketing systemFortunately, Ultimate Cycler breaks this trend by actually offering their members a feature rich marketing system for free. The Ultimate Capture Page system comes with several different capture pages that highlight different aspects of the opportunity, which link up to matching landing pages to keep things consistent.

They also provide an autoresponder system with pre-written letters automatically formatted to add in your information so there’s nothing you have to setup.

One of the nicest features I’m happy to see included is a tracking system that can be used to track views to your pages, clicks, and opt-ins all in one place. You can even customize it to track individual ads. This is an extremely helpful feature if you’re doing different types of advertising and I was surprised to see it included in a free system.

I’ve used other integrated marketing systems before, and what usually happens is it’s too confusing to set up. I will get a ton of questions about how to set up this or that and people still end up doing it wrong and wasting their marketing efforts and dollars.

This system is not confusing to set up. They have a 12 minute video walking you through the whole system and honestly it’s not really even needed. It literally takes about 2 minutes to set up.

This is a big, big selling point because a lot of people are new to the computer and can’t handle a ton of setup. This system is built with ease of use in mind.

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ultimate cycler reviewOne of the main concerns when joining a new program is whether or not the leadership is there to sustain the business long-term. Many online opportunities spring up every year, and for various reasons, most of them fail within that same year.

But I know the owner of Ultimate Cycler (Peter Wolfing) personally, and I know the kind of track record he has.

Peter has been building online businesses and marketing tools for the past 14 years. In that time he’s proven beyond doubt that he knows how to build programs with staying power, and that he is committed to the long-term success of his projects. He is the owner of a 14 year old company with a solid track record and an A+ rating with BBB.

My Experience

From my personal experience, I’ve found that Ultimate Cycler is one of the simplest programs to build that I’ve ever come across. The 1-time $25 enrollment fee ensures that pretty much anybody can afford to join…and the 100% instant commissions makes it really easy for people to get into profit right away.

I was able to see 4 figures in my first 5 days and help 24 other people make money by that time as well. My fifth day with the program was a $500 day, and my 14th day was a $925 day. Our team has a ton of momentum building and things are getting really exciting!

Here’s a quick video I put together recently as the UC spotlight leader of the month that highlights a little of what’s been going on here and why I decided to join Ultimate Cycler.


Ultimate Cycler is, at its core, a simple program built for the masses. It’s very easy to get started, very easy to get into profit quickly, and has the leadership behind it to go the distance.

I highly recommend this program and I invite you to come join our team and experience the momentum firsthand…

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Remember I’m here for your support as well so feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

🙂 Trisha Smith


This concludes my Ultimate Cycler review. If you received value from this post, please leave a comment below and click those sharing buttons down there. Thanks 🙂

  • frances chidolue

    please trisha i have registered under your team and i’m to pay you. i am from nigeria.

    • Yes, I see you in my back office as an unpaid member. I have also received your email and will respond to you there shortly.


    Trishia please my link has a problem someone I registered under me registered about three persons under him of which one of them did not register for some times now. Now when he wants to register someone under him, he will be told that “the person to receive the payment has not paid or have paid but has not been marked….” please how can we tackle this problem since it is affecting other people. Also how can we remove someone that didn’t pay for 48hours?. Thanks

  • Hi Victor, there is always a chance that a matrix can be filled through spillover alone, but that’s never something you should count on. There are also many ways to market that don’t involve making calls or sending texts.

  • Yes anyone can participate. UC is a global business.

  • Jack

    Morning Madam, I think more and more people are visiting the site.. the site needs massive upgrade.. Please it should be done asap.

    • Please direct all support questions to your sponsor or This issue is temporary. UC is experiencing massive growth and the entire site is already being moved to a more powerful server as we speak. All issues should be resolved soon, if they haven’t already been.

  • Uju

    Morning madam, please I noticed this morning that the site is no longer going and my friends are also complaining same thing. Please what is happening.

    • Please direct all support questions to your sponsor or This issue is temporary. UC is experiencing massive growth and the entire site is already being moved to a more powerful server as we speak. All issues should be resolved soon, if they haven’t already.

  • Sa’adatu

    Hi Trisha, my question is:- when i register under you and then i got people who register under me, will those people who register under me be part of your team as well or will they be part of my own personal team?

    • You will be their sponsor and retain sponsorship of those people, which means when they cycle out they will always come back under you as this is a follow your sponsor program. Does that answer your question?

      • Sa’adatu

        so is it advised that i just join your team and keep circling out working with you, or i should try and keep referring people to work under me as well?

        • Yes, you should always try and bring as many people in as you can. That is how you will make money. There is always the chance that spillover can fill your matrix if it happens just right, but it is never guaranteed and you should never count on that.

  • francis

    hello trisha.. everytime i log in i get different profiles that arent mine.. is that a system issue

    • You should have received an email today from admin regarding this issue. They are working on this and should have it resolved soon. Please direct all further support questions to your sponsor or

  • Chibuzor

    What if after I register, I’m unable to get anyone to register under me? What happens?

    • In a compensation plan like this there is always the chance that your entire matrix can be filled just through spillover from the person above you if 2 people fell on your first level and those people each brought in 2 which would fill your second level. But that is never something you should count on as you can never be sure what the person above you is going to do, and even if you do get some spillover, you never know what those people will do either. So you should focus on bringing in 2 who get 2 and if you get spillover just consider it extra. The awesome thing with UC is that it is a follow your sponsor program so even if you just enrolled one person and they went to work and started cycling that would continue to cycle you out again and again and again because they would come back into your matrix each time they cycle and help you cycle out again. So imagine if you had several people like that. Very powerful program.

  • Adeniyi

    Hello madam am a new cycler and I say thank you for this Ultimate money making scheme pls always update us as our new downliners need to be informed like the question victor asked can one still get paid with out referring someone and what’s the duration payment pls reply thank u God bless

    • I’m glad you like Ultimate Cycler! It really is a great opportunity. It’s not my company however, I’m just an affiliate like you. Peter Wolfing is the owner, so it’s him you should thank. Also, just want to make sure you understand that this is simply my personal blog, not a support or update forum for UC. So I won’t be posting updates from the company here or anything like that. To stay plugged in read all the emails you get from UC admin, keep in touch with your sponsor, and if you have any support questions, send them to UC support at

  • Egwunyenga Kelvin Ekene

    sleepless night thinking the system would work better,still no way.just hope they get to resolve it soonest.thanks

    • There have been a few issues over the last couple of days as UC is transitioning over to a more powerful server. They are aware and everything should be fixed soon. If you are a member you should be getting email updates from UC admin that will fill you in on everything.

  • Chinyere Simeon

    How can someone in Nigeria pay the $10 admin fee for upgrades since we cannot pay with MasterCard. Or how can one get the coupon to pay?

    • You can upgrade through CC or STP. You can ask your sponsor if he has a coupon code available for purchase. Please send all further questions to your sponsor or

  • ferenz dreekmann

    pls madam is been so had for me to logged in. when it manage to logged in i will be see another account. the last time i tried they said invalid user name or password. i did password reset but i didnt got any message in my mail. my username is ono442. pls help me out because i want to confirm a payment today. and as for update i havent got any

    • Once again Ferenz, this is not a support forum. I do not work for Ultimate Cycler corporate or have any ability to help you with these issues. Again, please contact support at Thank you.

  • ferenz dreekmann

    pls can someone help me i have been trying to logged in but is show invalid username or password. i did password reset but i didnt get new password

    • Hi Ferenz, sorry I didn’t answer your previous question. Due to the massive growth we’ve been experiencing in UC, I’ve been flooded with questions from people who aren’t on the team… but I just found you in my back office and will be happy to help. I have emailed you a response to this issue as that is a much more efficient way to communicate for me.

  • ferenz dreekmann

    i have sent 5 message the have not even reply one of my message

  • ferenz dreekmann

    is like he been delete from the system well is not fair

  • ferenz dreekmann

    ever since this upgrade many thing got out of hand like mixing of account
    see another person in your account

  • ferenz dreekmann

    pls solidweath should rectify this problem because it will make people to be scared to jion

  • Adah

    Hi, i am supposed to make payment to a participant who has refused to send mode of payment to me, while my sponsor has not been reachable to direct my complaints. I have also sent an email to support and have not received any response. How does this affect my account on the uc platform?

  • Kenny Uzodinma Chibuzo

    Hi I was merge to u yday.. How do we proceed with payment from Nigeria.. Secondly, how am I getting paid.. Cos I wounldnt want international as I dnt have d facilities to retrieve the money..?? Thanks

  • UPDATE: If you’re wondering why there are quite a few support issues below, there were a few days where Ultimate Cycler received a massive spike in traffic and multiple simultaneous DDOS attacks. This caused some temorary issues with the site. All has been resolved. The site has been upgraded to a more powerful server, enhanced security has been installed, and the back office even got a facelift in the process 🙂

  • Terry Poteat

    Hi, is the Ultimate Cycler still going? I noticed the website is down.

    • Hi Terry, Peter sold UC last November. I sent an email out to everyone just last week with info. Feel free to give me a call.