Valentus Review – Is This The Best Home Business For You?

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What Is Valentus?

Valentus launched on July 14th 2014 and did $300,000 that year, quickly making a big splash in the industry. In 2015, their first full year, they generated $3 mill. in annual sales. By just their 2nd year they had grown by 1000%, finishing the year with $32 mill. in annual sales and making them the fastest growing company in the industry.

And right now, in just their 3rd year in business, they’re currently on track to hit $60+ mill. in annual sales…

You don’t have that kind of growth unless you’re doing something right, and Valentus is definitely doing a LOT of things right.

In this Valentus review, I’ll be covering all the important points you need to consider when deciding whether or not to begin a new venture. You’ll learn exactly why, after over 30 years in the home business industry, I decided to go all in with Valentus…

Valentus Compensation Plan Review

Probably the first thing you’ll want to know is whether or not you can really make serious money here. I mean, there’s no reason to invest your time and effort into something if the money isn’t there, right?

After hearing about all the explosive growth this company was experiencing, I decided to take a look. And the first thing I dug into was the comp. plan.

I’ve been doing this a long time, so I’ve seen pretty much every compensation plan imaginable. And I can tell you that without a doubt, Valentus has one of the most powerful compensation plans I’ve ever seen…

There are 7 ways that this plan pays. Among those 7 ways you’ll find both long term residual income, huge up front income, and lucrative profit sharing. This is HUGE!

Most companies either focus on big upfront commissions that pay you right now, but give you almost nothing residually, so you’re basically starting back at zero each month.

Or they focus entirely on long term residual income, which means you make almost nothing up front. This makes it nearly impossible for the average person to be able to hang in there long enough to build up any kind of real income for themselves.

Valentus has one of the few plans I’ve seen that really gets this right. This comp plan has a sustainable model that will pay you big upfront commissions so you can get into profit day one. While at the same time building you that solid residual retirement income.

For a full explanation of the entire Valentus compensation plan, click the button below…

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Valentus Products Review

But the greatest compensation plan in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t have great products. You need to have products that people actually want, or you don’t have a business.

A solid customer base of people who actually use and like the products your company sells is the foundation of a solid business. Without that, you have no retention. And it’s like trying to fill a cup with holes in the bottom. You just can’t bring people in fast enough to cover those who leave.

So naturally, the next thing I evaluated was in my Valentus review was the product line. And I was very surprised and pleased with what I found.

The flagship product that Valentus has formulated is what they call “weight loss coffee”. This is a VERY unique concept and one which is difficult to do well.

You have to have a product that tastes good enough for the coffee lovers out there to actually use. And it also has to be something that will genuinely help people lose weight. In other words, it has to work…

I’ve heard a lot of raving testimonies from other people about this coffee, but I didn’t really get it until I saw it for myself.

My husband is basically what you might call a “coffee snob”. He literally gets up early every day to grind his own beans and won’t drink anything but his preferred blend.

So I was absolutely amazed when he tried Valentus’ coffee and actually told me that he likes the way it tastes. Not only that but he really is losing weight drinking this stuff.

So not only does it taste great, it actually does work!

Valentus has several other great products as well. I love the energy! It’s the best energy product I’ve tried, and the only one that I don’t build up a tolerance to.

You can learn all about the Valentus product by click the button below…

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A Duplicatable System

While conducting a thorough Valentus review, it’s important to also consider the team and systems available.

Because even with those two things in place, a great compensation plan + great products, you’re still going to have a very hard time building a sustainable business if you don’t also have a simple system there that anyone can plug into and use to duplicate success easily.

I’ve teamed up with a good friend of mine on this who is the absolute best at creating duplicatable systems and an environment that encourages and empowers ANYONE to succeed.

This is really exciting! Our team provides one of the highest converting automated systems I’ve ever seen absolutely free to every member who joins. Not only that, but we have a support system in place here that is truly the missing link people need to succeed.

Everything is laid out for you here. All you have to do is be willing to plug in, follow the system, and commit to taking consistent massive action.

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My Experience With Valentus

When I was first introduced to Valentus, honestly, I just was not in a place where I was ready to look at something new.

But something kept gnawing at me. This company was experiencing a 1000% growth rate for a reason. Something was seriously going on here.

So… I took another look.

And boy… am I glad I did! After evaluating this company, I realized this was something I couldn’t pass on.

So I decided to just jump in and things absolutely exploded. We started seeing massive momentum in a very short time…

I was actually able to hit the 5th rank in the company and generate $7038.95 in just my first month!

Here’s a quick audio I sent out to my list just after that first month…

That’s what can happen when you have a truly irresistible opportunity, and combine it with a simple system that anyone can use to duplicate success quickly.

But the biggest reason I’m so glad I decided to run with Valentus is also the most rewarding part of this business…

And that is the fact that my team is having more success here, right out of the gate, than I’ve seen with anything I’ve done before.

Making money for yourself is great. But the real rewards and satisfaction come from helping other people to create an income that changes their lives.

I hope this Valentus review has helped you to get a clearer picture about whether or not this is the right company for you. I know I’ve found my home here, and I think if you give this a look, you might find that it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for as well.

Click here for more info, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

🙂 Trisha Smith