What to Blog About – Blogging Basics Part 1

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What to Blog About

The very first step in the blogging process (aside from setting up your blog of course) is finding your voice, figuring out what to blog about. This can be challenging at first, especially if you are trying to monetize your blogging efforts and are also just learning the blogging basics. Most people think they have to be an expert in their niche in order to bring in leads and make sales. This is the wrong thinking pattern. It is more about targeting your efforts than being an expert; more about writing effectively than writing eloquently.

You may be surprised to discover in this blogging basics series that the question of what to blog about is actually not all that hard to answer.

Getting Started

If this is your first foray into the wonderful world of blogging you may be a bit confused. A common misconception is that you have to be a great writer or an expert at something to be a successful blogger. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, you just need to be yourself. People don’t buy from companies in this business, they buy from people. Your new blog is an open invitation to express yourself and let people get to know you.

Ideas on What to Blog About

what to blog aboutHere are some ideas to help you figure out what to blog about.

1) What do you know and what do you do? You don’t have to be an expert. Whoever you are and whatever you know right now, there is someone out there right now that needs what you have to offer. You’ll never know it all, but you don’t have to…you just need to be willing to share what you do know and not be afraid to put yourself out there.

2) What are you learning. If you are reading this post right now you are learning something. Every time you learn something new, rewrite it in your own words and share it on your blog. This is an excellent way to get some ideas for what to blog about when you aren’t necessarily feeling creative and inspired to come up with new ideas of your own.

It is not a good idea to copy other people’s work word for word and try to pass it off as your own. The author may not appreciate it and Google will recognize it as duplicate content and ignore it anyway.

3) What are your interests? Are you into personal development? If you are, there’s a literal treasure trove of golden information you can blog about right there. Take what you experience and share it with others, that’s what it’s all about. And as people find your blog looking for answers they will get to know you. Having a monetization strategy in place will then help you turn those visitors into leads and sales.

4) Keywords, Keywords, Keywords. In order to really get traffic to your site you will need to do some basic keyword research and seo optimization. Nothing too scary, just the bare seo blogging basics. We will get more into that in the next article though so don’t focus on that too much right now.

But What if I Mess Up?

what to blog aboutDon’t worry about not knowing how to do everything perfect right away. It is sooo easy to get caught up in SEO and this and that and never actually do anything. I struggle with this myself and it stinks! It is much more beneficial for you, if you are new to blogging, to start writing content now. Will you make mistakes, yes…does it matter…not really.

There will always be other posts and you will get progressively better as you go. Besides, there are many prominent names out there making tons of money online who spend hardly, if any, time on SEO. That being said, for the newbie a little bit of very basic on page SEO can go a long way towards generating leads.

What to Blog About – Posts & Pages

A quick note about posts and pages will be helpful. Posts are content that is dynamic in nature, meaning each time you make a new post your last post will be moved down one.

Posts show up on your blog automatically when you press the “publish” button, pages do not.

Pages are static, meaning they do not move and they will have their own heading in the menu bar. For a page to actually be visible on your blog you have to add the page to your main menu after you create it. Not a difficult process at all, but worth mentioning in case you are wondering why you can’t find that brand new shiny page you just created.

Bottom Line

So, bottom line, start blogging today. Don’t spend too much time worrying what to blog about. Start creating content and getting a feel for writing and it will get easier…I promise 🙂 Try to think of new ideas to write about and remember that if you get stuck you can always revisit this site or some other site in your niche, learn something new, and retool it for your own blog. Even better, if you are part of a blogging community like Empower Network, you will always have excellent training to draw inspiration from (plus your blog will be already set up and monetized for you).

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  • Don Childers

    since blogging is a key element in marketing I really like the simplicity of these articles to help those of us who are new to this format too get our feet under us…….. Thanks Shawn.

    • No problem Don! Check out parts 2 and 3 when you are ready to start posting for SEO (posting content to rank in Google for specific keywords).

      Since your Empower Network blog is on such a highly ranked domain already, you usually won’t need to go into step 4 (off page seo). This is great because off page seo can be a time thief.

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    Nice blog Shawn. Just trying to explore your world and learn from it. I believe I will be learning alot from your postings……Pleased to have you in my little world……..

    •  Hi Rey, thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you need any help with anything.