5 Reasons Why You Should Never Explain Your Business

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If you’ve been in a home business for any length of time at all, you’ve probably gotten at least a few people who want you to explain everything about your business before they join.

The first impulse is to go ahead and do it. They’re interested enough to ask for more info after all, shouldn’t you go the extra mile to make the sale? Isn’t it worth your time to nurture the interested prospects?

In this post I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should in fact never explain your business to anyone.

1) You Shouldn’t Have To

There is no reason why you should have do any actual explaining to a prospect. Any home business worth its salt will have an automated presentation that new prospects can plug into and get a complete overview of your business. If your working something that doesn’t, it may be time to try something new.

Now prospects may, and often do, have followup questions after they’ve watched the overview presentation. This is ok and it’s also ok to help them out with these to a point.

This is a lot different than someone who simply wants you to explain everything to them personally before they even take a look at anything. This is someone who has taken a look, is thinking about joining, and just needs a little help filling in some blanks. That’s a good prospect and it’s usually just a matter of referring them to where they can find the information they need.

2) Your Prospect Is Watching You

You may think that you’re helping your prospects when you agree to explain all the little details of your business…but in reality, you’re actually hurting them. See, a new prospect has no idea of what to expect from your business. The only thing they have to go on is you, so they’re going to be watching everything you do asking themselves “do I want to do this? can I do this too?”

If you take hours out of your day to explain your program to someone, they’re going to think they need to spend hours explaining it to others too and they’re not going to join. So what you end up doing is actually repelling people by trying to help them.

3) You’re Looking For The Right People

As a home business owner, you shouldn’t be looking to signup anybody and everybody into your deal. You’re looking for the right people to partner up with and build your business successfully.

This is an important distinction to make. Those who are desperate to sign up anyone, no matter how wrong those people are for this business, will end up chasing people down fighting for every sale.

On the other hand however, those who are genuinely looking to match up the right people with the right opportunity so that everyone benefits will have a much different strategy. Instead of chasing and selling, it becomes a process of sifting and sorting. You’re not trying to convince anyone to join your business and you shouldn’t have to.

Using the tools and presentations available to you and letting them do the job of explaining, selling and telling helps with the sorting process. If someone isn’t even serious enough to watch an overview presentation and they expect you to just explain everything to them instead, they probably aren’t  ready to build a successful business online.

4) You Have Better Things To Do

There are too many more important things, money producing things, to do to be wasting time chasing the wrong kinds of people.

There are only so many hours in the day and you need to use them efficiently. Use the tools and resources available to you. If someone hasn’t watched your presentation, send them back to it. If someone wants to know how the comp plan works, send them to the resources that will answer their question.

Learning to manage your time effectively is one of the most important keys to success you’ll ever find.

5) You Might Not Do A Good Job

Professional sales pages, company overview pages, etc have been designed specifically to be both informative and highly converting. If you’re in a good company or team that has good resources, you’ll want to use them not only to save time, but because they will probably do a better job than you could yourself.

It would be awfully disappointing to spend a bunch of time answering someone’s questions only to realize you did a poor job of it and end up wasting your time and losing a sale because of it.


Now it’s important to note that I’m not talking about refusing to help your team or answer their questions when they need help. That’s what being a leader is about and your team should know that you’re there for them.

But there’s a big difference between helping your team (the right people) and spending all day answering questions from random people who are too lazy to watch a 30 minute overview presentation that would have answered all their questions already (the wrong people).

What about you, ever had someone demand you call them and explain every little detail of your business? Leave Me Your Thoughts In The Comments.

🙂 Shawn Smith


  • Dan Abra

    I get the occasional mail where they ask questions about a promotion I am running and I found by answering the email they usually do not reply back. Sometimes the prospect is not interested in your offer and or empty pockets.

  • Zee

    I thought I was the only one who observed this. Some people will insist that you explain the business whereas you’ve forwarded them the video already (prior to watching it). I’ve always instictively realized that they will never join.

    • Hi Zee, thanks for the comment. I agree. Most of the time, if someone is unwilling to go through the sales process and watch a presentation for themselves, they are simply mildly curious about your business and probably aren’t ready to start their own.

  • scott moore

    I am learning how to handle this better more and more, and learning to let go of people who are just not ready. I am contacting quite a few people on a daily basis. Some days more than others, but still I contact people daily.

    You are exactly right in saying that you help people that you can help, but a point comes when you draw the line. The calls and videos explain enough, that after one or two more emails or phone calls, they can either do it or they can’t.

    I do not worry anymore about the ones who really aren’t ready. I keep ads and solos and phone calls going to find ones who are ready. “Yes” is the destination, but “no” is how you get there. I will be upgrading and ramping up my efforts soon.

    Not right now doesn’t mean they will never join, but they need to be ready to commit to do any good. National Wealth Center is the first company I have actually had success with and Trisha’s system is working for me as well. I thank you both, Trisha and Shawn.

    • Right on Scott. You are doing great. Glad to have you on the team. 🙂

  • Jackie

    Everything said was so true. Thanks I do accordingly.

  • Sharon Mahon

    Being a teacher,..l always feel l need to know it all well and be willing to explain it all even though l am learning it too,..however,..we are dealing with adults. If they are not willing to read, and dig a little on their own,..its online busines may not be for them. The training we have,..the videos even on welcome page explain it visually and verbally better than l can, especially over the phone. I do need to know where to point them, but that is something l really have to work at. I remember when l first had a college class to teach after being with chidren. I wanted everyone to do well! I soon learned working with Freshman..that not all were gifted enough in music to pursure that degree and they might be better off in a different field. It would be an injustice to encourage them to continue. I hated giving a bad grade…but the lady l was working with in the department knew kids that age. Some went to college not so much to to get away from home, someone to marry, have friends and a good time ..not that that can’t be part of it,but they do need to study. Anyway, she said “Just remember Sharon,..they don’t ALL have to pass!” Just because they opted in doesn’t mean they are all well suited or should be a partof NWC! I have to remind myself of that. Good info!

  • Dina Dreamcatcher

    Great blog!