WP-DB Manager Error Fix- Your Backup Folder Might be Visible to the Public

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WP-DB Manager is an excellent little plugin that makes backing up your WordPress database a snap.

Unfortunately the activation of the WP-DB Manager plugin causes an error message. You should see a red error message at the top of the page that reads Your backup folder MIGHT be visible to the public. It sounds scary but fortunately it is a fairly easy fix.

1) In order to fix this problem you need to download a free program called FileZilla. Once on the FileZilla website you will want to click the Client download button.

Download and install the software.

2) Now that the software is installed you need to open the program. In the top left corner of the FileZilla screen you will see 3 login boxes.

  • Host is simply your domain name (exclude http://).
  • Username is not your WordPress username, it is your cpanel username. If you have forgotten your cpanel login information you can find it in the new account information email Hostgator sent to you when you signed up for your hosting package.
  • Password is again your cpanel password.

Once you have filled out the three login boxes click the Quickconnect button.

3) Now that you are connected you will see a bunch of files that populate two side by side windows.

The window on the left contains the files on your desktop. The window on the right contains the files on your website. Follow these instructions exactly.

  1. In the right window pane scroll down and open the folder public_html.
  2. Next open the folder wp-content.
  3. Next open the folder plugins.
  4. Next open the folder wp-dbmanager.
  5. Find the file titled htaccess.txt.
  6. Click and drag this file over to the left window pane (your desktop). This copies the file.
  7. Next look at the window panes directly above the ones you are working with. These allow you to quickly navigate through your files. In the right hand window pane of this upper set scroll up until you see the folder backup-db. It will be a subfolder of wp-content. (see image below)
  8. Open the backup-db folder.
  9. Now, in the lower set of window panes click on the htaccess.txt file located in the left window (the one you moved there earlier) and drag it over to the right window, making sure that you are currently in the backup-db folder.
  10. Rename this file .htaccess
  11. Return to WordPress and refresh the page. The warning notification should be gone. (Also you can delete that htaccess.txt file on your desktop now).

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